Gabriela Kownacka and Krzysztof Janczar. A story of unhappy love

Gabriela Kownacka in the years 1975–1985 she was the wife of the theater and film actor Waldemar Kownacki. In 1983, the fruit of their love was born – their son Franciszek. After the divorce, the actress was associated with the cinematographer Witold Adamek and Krzysztof Janczar. However, she never remarried. – I don’t need anyone … Read more

There are two wills of Krzysztof Krawczyk? The case of the musician’s inheritance continues

Court case regarding property Krzysztof Krawczyk it is ongoing, but all interested parties must wait for the next hearing – it will not be held until September 20. The reason is the information that after Krawczyk’s death, two wills were found, not one. Documents may vary. “Maybe more than 10 years ago, dad said several … Read more

The testament of Krzysztof Krawczyk. Another hearing on September 20

Krzysztof Krawczyk, the king of the Polish stage, died on Monday, April 5. A few days later, his funeral took place in the cathedral in Łódź, and then the artist’s body was laid to rest in the cemetery in Grotniki near Łódź. Information about the singer’s inheritance appeared very quickly. The widow, Ewa Krawczyk, was … Read more

A special holiday in the family of Krzysztof and Tatjana Lavrinovičius

The family, which is raising four offspring, is celebrating its fifteenth wedding anniversary this year. On Wednesday, on the occasion of the celebration, Krzysztof and Tatiana published their wedding photos on social networks. In general, the couple has spoken publicly about their relationship more than once. Back in the summer of last year, T. Lavrinovič … Read more

Krzysztof Pi ± tek close to changing clubs! They give 20 million euros. Soccer

Watch the video The amazing transformation of Krzysztof Piątek. “An absolute show. We didn’t know him from this side” [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #53] Krzysztof Piątek in January, it was bought by Herthę Berlin with Milan for 24 million euros. The 25-year-old Bundesliga striker didn’t shine. Last season, he scored just four goals in 15 games. He … Read more

Changes in TVP. Krzysztof Ziemiec in a new role

The TVP Ethics Committee has seven members. The task of this body is primarily to consider complaints sent to it about the information and publicist programs of Polish Television. The new composition of the commission includes head of “Wiadomości” Danuta Holecka and head of editorial and historical reportage Stanisław Królak, who were also in the … Read more