Minister Kuipers wants an end to the use of fax in healthcare: ‘Time for faxit’

The Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare Act (Wegiz) stipulates that the exchange of certain data between healthcare providers must take place electronically. The exchange of information between healthcare institutions is not yet sufficiently regulated, Kuipers said this week in the House of Representatives. “Employees still have to re-enter data from paper or a PDF very … Read more

Persib Bandung News Online | » Nick Kuipers’ Different Responses About the Night Game

Saturday, 09 July 2022 | 08:54 The Liga 1 2022-2023 schedule has been released in draft form. From the first 20 weeks of the match, Persib Bandung will play 17 matches at night. Most night matches start at 20.30 WIB kick-off. Persib coach Robert Alberts protested this condition, because the player’s recovery period was considered … Read more

VWS officials will no longer interfere with OMT advice, says Kuipers

Advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) no longer goes to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport before they are made public. Minister Kuipers promised this in a debate about reports that ministry officials would have changed or influenced the advice during the corona pandemic. Kuipers maintains that officials have only made clarifying questions … Read more

Unlike the others, Nick Kuipers reveals his reasons for not going back to the Netherlands

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – Unlike most other foreign players, Persib Bandung defender Nick Kuipers chose to stay in Indonesia during the competition holidays. Nick Kuipers decided not to return to the Netherlands despite having about 2 months off after the competition ends at the end of March 2022. The former MVV Maastricht player revealed the … Read more

Persib Bandung Extend Contracts for Nick Kuipers and David Da Silva, The fate of Marc Klok and Ezra Walian?

TRIBUNPALU.COM – The fate of four foreign players Persib Bandung different for next season. Two foreign players Persib Bandungnamely Mohammed Rashid and Bruno Cantanhede confirmed to leave. Persib Bandung did not renew the contracts of Mohammed Rashid and Bruno Cantanhede. Persib Bandung foreign defender Nick Kuipers after scoring a goal against Persikabo 1973 in the … Read more

Ahead of PERSIB vs AREMA FC: Nick Kuipers and Mohammed Rashid Get Penalties from PSSI Komdis

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Multiple players Persib Bandung finally sanctioned by the PSSI Disciplinary Commission (Komdis) These sanctions are given for violations committed by these players. PSSI Komdis also imposed penalties for several players and officials from other teams In the midst of the players being sanctioned by the PSSI Komdis, Persib Bandung must fight in the … Read more

Nick Kuipers Invited to ‘Leave’ Persib

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – Persib defender Nick Kuipers managed to get a chance to play in the match against PSS on week 23 of Liga 1 2021/2022. Nick entered in the second half to replace Kakang Rudianto, while helping Persib maintain a 1-2 position until the match was over. Regaining the trust of the coach, … Read more

Will Ernst Kuipers overturn the corona policy? ‘He doesn’t like bullshit’

If anyone has gotten to know Ernst Kuipers in different roles, it is Rozemarijn van Bruchem-Visser. Kuipers was her supervisor during her PhD research that she completed last month. She often thought, “Where the hell does that man get the time to guide me? He had about 300,000 files on his plate, but was also … Read more