Marking of Mežtakas in Kurzeme completed

This marking of the section of Mežtakas, which runs through the whole of Kurzeme for 290 kilometers, was completed within six months, marking it in nature with the help of paint and stickers. Until now, the traveler could go the Mežtakas route in Kurzeme by following the map or in one of the applications, using … Read more

At the beginning of September, the 150th anniversary of the Kurzeme Song Festival will be celebrated The news

Riga, August 29, LETA. The 150th anniversary of the Kurzeme Song Festival will be celebrated in Dobele on September 4, the Latvian National Cultural Center informed LETA. The historical roots of the event can be found on June 26, 1870 in Dobele – Song Day, which was the first Latvian song festival in Kurzeme province. … Read more

PHOTO: South Kurzeme festival “Rimbenieks” enjoys summer concerts in Vecpils and Aizpute

The new festival organized by the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra invites you to experience wonderful summer evenings in the sounds of music in various picturesque places of the region. The concerts of the festival will take place in Priekule, Grieze, Grobiņa, as well as in Liepāja until August 20. The ensemble of metal wind instruments “Libava … Read more

Kurzeme coastal lighthouses will be opened for viewing

Persons with valid Covid-19 certificates, as well as children under 12 years of age will be able to visit the lighthouses, following the current measures restricting the spread of Covid-19 in the country. The Ovis lighthouse, which is the oldest in Latvia, is still in operation and is included in the list of state-protected cultural … Read more

Drivers who “flew” at twice the speed allowed in Kurzeme are detained – In the regions

In the period from 24 to 28 July, the officials of the Traffic Monitoring Company of the Order Police Bureau of the Kurzeme Region of the State Police stopped 165 speed offenders in Kurzeme. Some speed offenders stand out from the rest, for example, exceeding the permitted speed in a built-up area by 66 kilometers … Read more

Dudzviet līs; air temperature from +18 in Kurzeme to +27 in Latgale – Latvia

The sky is cloudy in Kurzeme on Monday morning in Kurzeme. In some places in Kurzeme, in the west of Zemgale and in the east of Latgale it is raining – mostly temporarily. A slow wind is blowing. At five in the morning, the air temperature in the observation network of the Latvian Environment, Geology … Read more