On Friday morning, the roads in Kurzeme and Vidzeme were icy

On Friday morning, icing in places in Kurzeme and Vidzeme makes it difficult to drive on the country’s main and regional highways, VSIA “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” (LVC) informed portal “Delfi”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Slippery road sections are sprinkled with anti-slip materials. In order to improve the driving conditions, 54 units of … Read more

For the attention of drivers: difficult driving conditions in Vidzeme, parts of Kurzeme and Latgale

Driving on regional roads is difficult in the vicinity of Cēsi, Balvi, Dobele, Gulbene Kuldīga, Limbaži, Riga, Tukums, Valmiera and Valka. The mass restrictions introduced during the recent rainfall and thaw remain on gravel roads, mostly in Kurzeme and Zemgale. Vehicle weight restrictions have been introduced on 101 sections of gravel roads. Drivers must be … Read more

PHOTO ⟩ On Sunday, only in Kurzeme the air temperature will be slightly above zero

Sunday morning in Latvia is cloudy, a little snow is falling in many places and the wind is blowing the previously fallen snow, but in the eastern part of Latgale it is snowing and blizzarding heavily, according to meteorological information. Good morning.☁️Cloudy, it will clear in places, mainly in the west.☂️It will snow in the … Read more

Driving conditions are difficult almost throughout Latvia, except for the central part of Kurzeme / Diena

In the eastern part of Latvia, driving conditions are mostly made difficult by snowfall and snow drifts, but in the central and eastern parts, ice has also formed on the roads in some places. In order to improve driving conditions, 165 units of winter service equipment of VAS “Latvijas autoceļu uštētējs” VAS were involved in … Read more

The State Police is also experiencing structural changes in Kurzeme; police officers will be more visible to residents / Article

In the Kurzeme region administration of the State Police, instead of five stations, there will be two from next week. The police explained that they will maintain the current locations and accessibility of the structural units. North Kurzeme district will include Ventspils, Talsi, Kuldīga. The South Kurzeme precinct will be formed by the combined precincts … Read more

Difficult driving in the central part of the country, Kurzeme and Vidzeme

Driving on regional roads is difficult in the vicinity of Balvi, Cēsi, Liepāja, Madona, Talsa, Tukums, Valmiera and Ventspils. LVC reminds that during snowfall, the snow layer and icing forms again and invites you to plan extra time on the road. It is important to choose a driving speed suitable for the weather and keep … Read more

The weather will remain cold on Friday; In Kurzeme and in places in the central part of the country, roads are icy / Article

Today, 6:00 Added today at 6:38 am The sky will be mostly covered with clouds, but at times the sun will also appear, in some places it will snow in Kurzeme and Vidzeme. Fog and frost will also form in some places in Kurzeme. A slow southerly wind will blow. Maximum air temperature -7…-2 degrees. … Read more

This morning, roads are icy in parts of Vidzeme and Kurzeme

Slippery road sections are sprinkled with anti-slip materials. In order to improve driving conditions, 17 winter service equipment units of VAS Latvian highway maintenance company are involved in road maintenance works. Difficult driving conditions on the country’s main highways are: on the section of the Tallinn highway (A1) from Tuja intersection to Ainaži; Valmiera highway … Read more

A new operating theater is opening at the North Kurzeme Regional Hospital in Ventspils

The newly built operating room is equipped with modern consoles for surgeons and anesthesiologists, anesthesia equipment, tables and a double operating lamp with three endoscopy monitors, which will allow assistants to participate in operations as well. Currently, surgical, traumatological, gynecological, spine surgery, otolaryngological and ophthalmological operations are performed at the Ventspils hospital. Juris Lācis, chairman … Read more