Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Russia 24: Operation in Ukraine puts an end to US domination

Recall violations of international law in Kosovo and Iraq There is no reason not to continue negotiations with Kyiv Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is designed to end the course of the United States and other Western countries to reckless domination of the world. This was stated today by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in … Read more

Alena’s horoscope: Influential patrons support Sagittarius, meetings with enemies anger Capricorns

ARIES The rise in you, which begins today, on the weekend, will continue until the end of the week. The trouble is over if you don’t create new ones yourself. Make changes in your life. Make a successful start to important business conversations. Prepare for meetings with new business partners. You will receive new interesting … Read more

Alla Pugacheva ran away from Putin

The favorite Russian singer lives in Israel with her family She is 27 years older than her husband Russian pop queen Alla Pugacheva will celebrate her 73rd birthday on April 15 away from home. In the first days of the war against Ukraine, on February 28, she, her husband Maxim Galkin and their two children … Read more

The other side of the Ukrainian case

The important fact that Russia entered Ukraine to save the local population of Donbass was quickly forgotten Russia is talking about a specialized military operation, and Europe, Britain and the United States are talking about a war without a declaration The government in Bulgaria convinces us that democracy presupposes different opinions. This is indeed the … Read more

Alena’s horoscope: Crabs to expect uninvited guests, Taurus – problems

ARIES Although the day is a holiday, it’s time to start making changes in your life and workplace. Expect the results after a while. Casual acquaintances leave a mark on your life and benefit you. You are able to achieve the dream popularity. Be careful when conducting business conversations. If you are not married and … Read more

Ukrainian military keeps our sailors as human shields

17 Bulgarians from the crew of the ship “Tsarevna” under fire in Mariupol There are already holes in the hull, a projectile has cracked the windows, people are hiding in the engine room The ship has been in port since February 21 The Ukrainian military uses the crew of the cargo ship Tsarevna as a … Read more

The unity of the West is temporary

The United States and Europe are promoting their revived union, but Joe Biden’s visit to Brussels is hiding deeper differences As Joe Biden meets with his European counterparts in Brussels today as leader of a seemingly united free world, it is worth recalling another NATO summit just five years ago, held in very different circumstances … Read more

Lavrov warned of the risk of a clash with NATO

If there is a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine The United States is holding Kyiv’s hand in negotiations with Moscow The Kremlin described the plans as “reckless and particularly dangerous” Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that sending a peacekeeping mission in any form to Ukraine could cause a “direct clash” between Russian and NATO … Read more

Philip Kirkorov – His crown is lightened

Several Russian and Ukrainian artists have been stripped of their “People’s” and “Deserved” titles, Ukraine’s Presidential Servant said. Among them is the king of Russian pop Filip Kirkorov. This did not surprise anyone, because the singer is known for his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose face he wore even on a T-shirt. … Read more

Journalist and international analyst Ognyan Daskarev told Trud: US has cut off talks with Kremlin

Putin has united deeply divided Republicans and Democrats If Trump had been president, this war would not have happened We have known Ognyan Daskarev for many years. He is much more informed about what is happening in the United States than many self-proclaimed Bulgarian analysts. He never hid his sympathies for the Republican Party in … Read more