The spread of covid is accelerating in the Czech Republic. We are in a different situation than last time, but risk groups should be vaccinated, said Dušek

More patients with symptoms now go to doctors – although the days also depend. “When I compare what was a month ago, the increase is big, for example on Monday there were around ten people, yesterday there were two,” says general practitioner Zuzana Bublová. Overall, confirmed infections are increasing. In a week-on-week comparison, there were … Read more

About one hundred thousand people infected with covid-19 a day, estimates the head of ÚZIS Dušek – ČT24 – Czech Television

On Tuesday, testing caught almost 28.5 thousand newly infected people in the Czech Republic this is the highest daily increase since the outbreak of the covidu-19 pandemic. “Newly infected in the population will be two to three times more. So there will be 70,000 of them in the population, “Dušek said at a meeting of … Read more

The decisive indicator of the epidemic is growing. According to him, the spread has spiraled out of control

“The relative positivity of tests is a very important indicator. It is a percentage of positives per hundred tests, for example, and shows capture. The more it grows, the greater the prevalence of the virus in the population. ”With these words, the head of IHIS Ladislav Dušek began part of the presentation on the positivity … Read more

New numbers on covid: 502 new cases. It will loosen

The covid-19 epidemic in the Czech Republic is stagnating. There were 502 new cases of the disease on Friday and the reproductive number R is slightly above one (1,013), according to the latest figures published by the Ministry of Health on Saturday morning. One week ago, the same office reported 440 new cases per day, … Read more