​Actress Ausma Kantāne is finally laid to rest next to her husband Imantas Ziedonis – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Relatives wanted Ausma’s grave to be decorated in her honor before her ashes were placed in the bosom of the earth after cremation. Therefore, a decision was made to first plan and organize the engraving of Ausma’s name on Imanta’s tombstone with the architect Jānis Drip. “Apollo.lv” already reported that Ziedone-Kantāne passed away on the … Read more

he misled his colleagues when they asked questions about him…

Published on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 8:34 p.m. A police officer from the Brussels-Midi police zone has been placed under an arrest warrant for drug trafficking alongside three other individuals, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office said on Friday, confirming information from Het Nieuwsblad. According to the daily, three cannabis plantations were discovered during the … Read more

Actress Agnė Gregorauskaitė ended her life’s journey: she was laid to rest in the Rasa cemetery

After the veteran actress of the Lithuanian National Drama Theater Agne Gregorauskaitai left Anapilin, on Friday her relatives, colleagues and friends gathered for the last moments of farewell. She was laid to rest in the Old Rasa cemetery – next to her mother, the famous actress and director Kazimiera Kymantaitė. On Thursday and Friday, the … Read more

SAS commits to give 450 laid off pilots back their jobs – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– I am incredibly light, says former SAS pilot Steffen Kvamme (26). The agreement signed by the SAS leadership and the pilots states that the pilots who were laid off during the pandemic are entitled to the job back. NRK has previously written that Kvamme was one of the SAS 560 pilots who was fired. … Read more

Caretta Caretta turtle, laid eggs among the umbrellas in Massa: isolated beach

Massa, 9 July 2022 – They will be born for the first time on the coast of the Apuan Alps small specimens of sea ​​turtles among the umbrellas of one Bathhouse. It will happen on the Poveromo beachin Massa after during the night monitoring coordinated by the WWF Alta Toscana, just before midnight on Friday … Read more

Mazzù wants to have laid the foundations of his Anderlecht after the internship

More of 30 Mallows will take the bus this Wednesday. The list has been kept away from curious people for as long as possible. However, she does not understand any surprises. With the exception of Dauda, ​​all of Core A left for Horst. Felice Mazzù leaves with a specific objective in mind: to be ready … Read more

Developer of free game engine Unity laid off hundreds of employees

Unity, the company behind the popular game engine of the same name, which is also used in other technology areas, recently laid off hundreds of employees. First, the information appeared on the Kotaku portal, and then it was confirmed by the company itself. Image Source: Unity Created in the mid-2000s, the Unity product is now … Read more

Enefit Green laid the foundation stone for the Tolpanvaara wind farm in northern Finland :: Dienas Bizness

At the end of June, the foundation stone for the Tolpanvaara wind farm of the renewable energy company Enefit Green in northern Finland was laid. It is planned that the park equipped with 13 wind generator turbines will start producing green energy at the end of next year. Currently, Enefit Green has four wind farms … Read more

60 Holywings Bekasi employees laid off due to temporary closure

Bekasi – Bekasi City Government temporarily closed Holywings Forest of the Quarter Bekasi for violating local regulations. A total of 60 Holywings Forest employees were laid off. “The bottom line is that all employees have been laid off, including myself later,” said General Manager of Holywings Yuli Setiawan when contacted, Wednesday (29/6/2022). “The 60s (Holywings … Read more

Netflix continues to bleed: Too many laid off

Declaring that it has lost tens of thousands of subscribers recently, layoffs continue at Netflix. Sozcu.com.tr Release: 14:09 – 24 June 2022 Updated: 14:27 – 24 June 2022 Losing subscribers Netflixfired 300 more people in the new wave of layoffs. “We made several adjustments to keep costs in line with slowing revenue growth,” the company … Read more