The Apple M1 outperforms the Ryzen 5000 and a Rocket Lake-S in mononucleus

PassMark Software announced the launch of its renewed benchmark PerformanceTest, which has been updated to be Cross-Platform, or in other words, that will allow us to measure the performance of the CPU, graphics, memory and storage of any device on the market, either under the Windows 10 or Windows 10 ARM operating system, Linux, macOS, … Read more

Dramatic rescue of 66 people drifted away while fishing in the Great Lakes of America

66 fishermen who were ice-fishing in Lake Michigan in the United States were rescued while the ice was floating in a strong wind. According to ABC broadcast on the 5th (local time), they floated away with cracks in the ice while fishing in Lake Michigan, Wisconsin the morning before. The US Coast Guard explained, “The … Read more


There will be 7 dance, theater and poetry companies responsible for carrying out 21 functions in 11 communes of the region, through 3 modalities: streaming, deferred and face-to-face; during the first semester of 2021. Montt port.- WITH-END-ART It is the name of the project of intinerancies that will take place in 2021 in the Los … Read more

Taylor Swift releases ‘Folklore’ bonus track, ‘The Lakes’

Looking for the perfect place to cry? Taylor Swift’s new bonus “Folklore” track knows just the place. The deluxe version of the album, which made its surprise debut July 24, includes new bonus song “The Lakes,” a bittersweet “Call It What You Want”-esque serenade to Swift’s “muse,” who makes all the drama float away. Without naming names, the … Read more