Tweaked Laluna Unique poses with twin similar friends. Fans: “FROM ONE PRODUCTION LINE” (PHOTO)

Laluna Unique is one of the most colorful characters of the “Queens of Life” program. Kasia, because her real name is a woman, can boast of a large group of fans. She already follows her instagram profile almost 450,000 people. It is in social media that the TTV star reports subsequent visits to Turkish clinics … Read more

Laluna Unique is about to make another Turkish metamorphosis: “There has been someone who will fulfill my DREAM”

Laluna Unique it shone in the firmament of Polish show business thanks to participation in the program Queens of Life. Although the production of the program has ended, the celebrity created by TTV is still doing quite well in the public space. Of course, the most interesting are Kasia’s subsequent visits to Istanbul, where she … Read more

Laluna Unique lists the treatments she has undergone and shows a NEW FACE! “Lips are formed, there is no hanging beard” (PHOTO)

Catherine Alexanderknown online as Laluna Unique, she became known for her weakness for plastic surgery and all kinds of aesthetic medicine treatments. The former participant in “Queens of Life”, unlike most celebrities, has no hesitation in talking openly about what she “improved” in herself. At the same time, she is also a Photoshop admirer. Recently … Read more

This is WHEN Laluna from “Queens of Life” looked like! She showed pics without tattoos and SALE OPERATIONS (PHOTOS)

Program “Queens of Life” turned out to be a catapult for many of its participants to a career in show business. Although at first she only played the first fiddle Dagmara Kaźmierska and it was her life that fascinated with tabloids, followed in her footsteps more heroes of the format, which today can also boast … Read more

“Queens of Life” suspended. Laluna Unique comments

Laluna Unique is one of the most colorful characters of the “Queens of Life” program. In front of the cameras, she willingly talks about plastic surgeries she has undergone, about her everyday life and about her colorful past. At every step, she emphasizes that she lives in harmony with herself and takes pleasure in it … Read more

Laluna Unique from “The Queens of Life” will have another surgery. “My dream face will change dramatically”

What is not done to be beautiful? Laluna Unique is one of those women who can endure a lot. In an interview for Dzień Dobry TVN she revealed that she has already had several plastic surgeries – “three breasts, two buttocks, tummy tuck, waist, nose twice”. Now she has informed on her Instagram profile about … Read more