Coronavirus: Sánchez defends the centralized purchase of vaccines by the EU: “Where does a ‘land’ or autonomy go alone?” | Economy

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has defended this Monday the centralized purchase of vaccines by the EU against the particular initiatives undertaken by European regions. “Where do you go a land [Estado federado alemán] or autonomy alone, competing with countries of billions of people when it comes to accessing a vaccine? ”, he … Read more

Prince Philip’s coffin is transported in Land Rover that he customized | British Prince Philip passed away

The Prince Consort himself worked out the script for his funeral. According to The Daily Mail, he would have said to the Queen several times, “Just put me in the back of the Land Rover and drive me to Windsor.” The funeral will take place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle and there will … Read more

“World Cross Country Championship 9” is scheduled to land on the Steam platform in mid-September, the sequel “WRC 10” intelligence announced tonight “WRC 9”

  《World Cross Country Championship“Is an off-road simulation game, and in the series “World Cross Country Championship 9“Brings players a realistic game experience and more content return, including 3 new rally events (Kenya, Japan, New Zealand), 35 new special stages, and a completely redesigned engine sound. In addition, there are more than 15 classic vehicles in … Read more

Land of Nomads Receives Major Awards at BAFTA Awards

British Academy of Film and Television Arts named the laureates new award BAFTA… And in the main nominations she won “Land of nomads». The picture was named the best film, also noting the work of the director, cameraman and performer of the main role, Francis McDormand. Received the Best Actor award Anthony Hopkinsstarring in the … Read more

The discovery of a distant ‘superland’ simulating our planet

In a very rare discovery, described as occurring at “one in a million” … Scientists in New Zealand announced the discovery of a “Earthlike” towards the center of the Milky Way. Astronomers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand said on what was reported by “Sky News” that they had discovered a rare new … Read more

Taiwan’s pornographic book “The Brave Animation Series” will land on PTV within this year | 4Gamers

The “Brave Animated Series” adapted from the original comic “The Brave Series” by a Taiwanese manga artist’s erotic books will be released this year. “The Brave Series” started in 2016 and has serialized more than 900 words so far. The author reinterprets the so-called “Brave” with humorous tone and colorful brushwork. In September 2017, he … Read more

Emirates News Agency – “Land Forces Command” wins the Ministry of Defense Athletics Championship

Sunday, April 11, 2021 – 5:43 p.m. ABU DHABI, April 11th, WAM / Brigadier General Muhammad Saeed Gafan Al Jabri, Director of the Directorate of Faith and Lessons Learned, witnessed the Ministry of Defense athletics championship as part of the activities of the Excellence Shield for the 2021 training year organized by the Military Physical … Read more

After the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the macaque was changed. Tolerate two neptiles on their land Curiosities

San Juan Hurricane Mara, who rushed over the Caribbean in 2017 and made 3,000 obt in Puerto Rico, destroyed half the vegetation on the Puerto Rican island of Cayo Santiago. Its inhabitants, they are macaques, responded to the catastrophe by selling social contacts. The rest of these sources were shared by those who were before … Read more

When “Orientation” Meets Jingxi “Internet Red Land”: Cross-industry Innovation Competition Helps National Fitness_ 东方

Original Title: When “Orientation” Meets Jingxi “Internet Red Land”: Cross-industry Innovation Competition Helps National Fitness Shougang Park, Winter Olympic Ski Jump, Orienteering… When these terms are connected together, a meaningful cross-border innovation movement for national fitness was born. On the 11th, the Tank 300 Shougang Orienteering Challenge titled “Oriented Pursuit, No Way Out” was held … Read more

NASA revealed that the Artemis program will land the first person colored on the moon

NASA body Program ArtemisAlready scheduled to send the first woman to the moon in 2024, she will also send the first person of color to the moon. Acting NASA administrator Steve Jurchik revealed the purpose of the additional mission in a press release on Friday praising the Biden administration’s recently released budget proposal that would … Read more