Among 9 women, NASA is preparing to choose the first woman in history to land on the moon

Published in:Saturday 6 August 2022 – 1:06 PM| Last updated:Saturday 6 August 2022 – 1:06 PM More than half a century after the first man landed on the moon, the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, now the American “NASA” agency is preparing to choose the first woman to land on the moon among the 9 female … Read more

First Mars Sampling Mission Will Arrive on Earth in 2033 – The first mission to return samples from another planet will land on Earth in 2033, the United States Space Agency (NASA) and European Space Agency (ESA) officials say. The Perseverance rover is currently collecting samples on Mars, citing CNN, Saturday (6/8). When Perseverance investigates the site of an ancient lake that existed billions … Read more

Land Rover Discovery is looking for a new identity, the future of Discovery Sport is uncertain

The Discovery is Land Rover’s worst-selling model, yet it will see a new generation. The future of the more commercially successful Discovery Sport, on the other hand, is uncertain. The current generation of the model Discovery is the worst-selling model of the Land Rover brand. Not only problems with a lack of parts are to … Read more

Many Countries Stop Wheat Exports, Jokowi Starts Printing 154 Thousand Hectares of Land for Sorghum

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo or Jokowi is ready to print 154,000 hectares of land to plant sorghum until his term ends in 2024. This policy was taken because Indonesia as a wheat importer now has to face prolonged export bans from several producing countries. “We have to develop substitute crops from wheat,” said … Read more

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s legendary Pokémon revealed, which can be ridden and explored on land, water, and air.

It looks like it’s the bike that fans have been teasing about, as the latest trailer for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet reveals that you can ride two legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon to explore anywhere in the world. game In addition to seeing the Koraidon and Miraidon riding scenes and exploring land, water, and air, … Read more

Want to Eradicate the Land Mafia, Where’s the Evidence?

JAKARTA, – Role actress Nirina Zubir expressed his disappointment with the demands of the Public Prosecutor (JPU) against West Jakarta PPAT elements in the land mafia case. The three defendants from West Jakarta PPAT were only given charges of under five years and a fine of Rp. 1 billion each. According to Nirina, these … Read more