In what language does Shakira communicate with her children Milan and Sasha?

Colombian singerShakira is one of the most important Latin women in the music industry and despite her many facets as an artist and businesswoman, without a doubt the best is that of being a mother of two small children. YOU CAN SEE: Shakira and Piqué: why will the ex-partner be seen in the United States? … Read more

Shakira | Spanish, Catalan or English? This is the language that the Colombian uses to communicate with her children | Gerard Pique ntlr | Famous

Shakira he is an international superstar. The Colombian has been recognized worldwide due to hits like “Hips don’t lie” and “Waka waka (This time is for Africa)”. One of the lesser known facets of the interpreter is the academic side of her. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Philosophy and … Read more

The government abolishes the obligation to take a university language exam

From autumn 2024, the government will transform the higher education admissions system and abolish the language test obligation, announced János Csák Minister of Innovation and Culture on his Facebook page. In the new system, higher education institutions will be able to decide on 100 points within the 500-point admission system. This can be awarded either … Read more

The Senate rejected gender equality in institutional language

Loading player On Wednesday the Senate rejected the amendment to the regulation proposed by Senator Alessandra Maiorino (5 Star Movement) to adopt a more inclusive language in the written institutional communications of the same Senate. The amendment was voted by secret ballot at the request of the Brothers of Italy and obtained 152 votes in … Read more

Players deciphered the language of the Stray robots and read the signs – the developers really filled them with meaningful text

Fans praised the creators of the adventure for their attention to detail, but still found a few places where the authors cheated and used the Lorem Ipsum “fish” text. {“id”:1284849,”type”:”num”,”link”:” prochli-vyveski-razrabotchiki-deystvitelno-zapolnili-ih-osmyslennym-tekstom”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:204,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1284849,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1284849,”gtm”:null} 37 472 views Less than a week after the release of Stray, several players at once figured outthat the developers used at least … Read more

Brigitte Bardot’s confessions without language of wood: “Cinema is a stupid profession because cinema has become stupid”

70 years ago, Brigitte Bardot became a legend: a look back at the birth of a myth Female figure of the 1950s and 1960s, world star, muse and muse of the greatest artists, emblem of the emancipation of women and sexual freedom of that time, just 70 years ago, in 1952, she made her first … Read more

Ursula von der Leyen to recognize the Austrian language too!

It is good that the lady with the aristocratic name knows the historical details when she so enthusiastically embraces Mitko Kovachevski and praises his beloved “Macedonian” language EU candidates in Skopje to write in their Constitution that Macedonian is a recodified form of Bulgarian in 1945 These days, along with the negotiations surrounding the formation … Read more