Senator Menia from Trieste presents a bill on Italian: it is the official language, there is no need to teach Friulian in schools

the case The Trieste senator, elected in Liguria, wants to launch his battle in defense of national identity: “There are many places to speak Marilenghe, at home, in cultural associations, I don’t think it’s necessary even in the classroom” Elisa Coloni November 29, 2022Updated at 07:13 2 minute read

OpenAI formalizes a new version for its GPT-3 language model

AI research and deployment company OpenAI formalizes its new model ‘text-davinci-003’ which adds to the GPT-3 model family and builds on previous InstructGPT models. The latter makes it possible to provide improved behavior in the rendering obtained by querying the AI. New developments in the field of artificial intelligence A new addition to the GTP-3 … Read more

News in plain language on November 27 / Article

News in plain language on November 27 Ukrainian soldiers were traveling in the bus that crashed in Ainaz Ukrainian soldiers were riding in the bus that crashed yesterday in Ainazhi. They had training in Estonia. Several buses with Ukrainian soldiers passed through Latvia. Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told Latvijas Radio that Estonia did not inform … Read more

bollywood 2022, is this bollywood or remakewood??? Many South Indian movies are getting ready for remake in B-Town! – many south indian language films are getting remade in bollywood

“What a pity to be run out when you are batting well! It could be your fault or your partner’s fault!” Bollywood is almost like this. B-Town, where all the stars have achieved great success, has been a continuation of flops for the past few days. The success of films like Drishyam-2, Brahmastra and The … Read more

Bixby is updated to understand the Latin American Spanish language

Samsung has announced that Bixby, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant, already supports the Latin American Spanish language. Latin American Spanish-speaking Bixby users around the world now have the option to interact with their Samsung Galaxy devices in their local language, as previously Brazilian Portuguese was the only Latin American language supported by Bixby. Bixby … Read more

Microsoft launches sign language view for Teams meetings

Microsoft introduces its new Teams tool that enhances the sign language user experience towards building efficiency and community. Microsoft is pleased to announce Sign Language View, a new meeting experience in Microsoft Teams that helps sign language communicators—those who are deaf or hard of hearing, interpreters, and others—put themselves center stage, always in the same … Read more

Watch.. An Egyptian student’s answer to a question in the Arabic language exam sparks interaction • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt circulated a picture of an answer written by a student on the exam paper, and it sparked a great controversy in the country. During the first question in the exam, he expressed the following sentences: “Man was created from a calf.” The student’s answer was, … Read more

Microsoft Teams becomes more inclusive and now offers a feature for sign language | Present

Microsoft Teams just released a new feature which adds a large interpreter-oriented view, which is separate from the rest of the participants of a call and virtual conference. With this, the service aims to generate greater inclusiveness through the tool with which more people can communicate without limitations. The platform incorporates the view dedicated to … Read more

Common Classification for Public Procurement (CPV): correction of certain language versions

Commission Regulation (EU) 2022/943 of 17 June 2022 correcting certain language versions of Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 2195/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council on a common classification for public procurement (CPV) Commission Regulation (EU) 2022/943 of 17 June 2022 correcting certain language versions of Annex I to Regulation (EC) No … Read more