Forty dead in extreme weather in Sri Lanka and India

Floods after heavy rainfall have killed at least 40 people in Sri Lanka and southern India in recent days. The victims died from landslides, drowning, electrocution or house collapses. The showers are expected to abate in the coming days. A weatherman from Chennai, the capital of the hard-hit Indian state of Tamil Nadu in the … Read more

Sri Lanka. Escape of thousands. Victims of climate change

More than 5,000 people have had to abandon their homes and find refuge in government facilities or with relatives. The authorities are leading over 150 help centerswhere food is distributed and support is provided. Most of the deaths occurred as a result of drowning and lightning. At least one person is missing. October and November … Read more

Covid, Hope extends restrictions for those coming to Italy from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Uk vaccines now valid for green pass

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has signed an order extending the restrictive measures relating to entry into Italy from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Brazil: the quarantine of 10 days for non-European countries, except for those on the list recommended by the European Union for which the quarantine is reduced to 5 daysi. Read … Read more

Sri Lanka. When digging a well, the largest sapphire in the world was found

An amazing discovery near the city of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. While digging the well, the workers encountered an unusual stone. The huge lump turned out to be a sapphire. – The person who dug the well alerted us to rare stones. We came across this huge specimen later, the owner of the stone told … Read more

Tokyo Olympics: A photo from Reuters upsets the CCP ambassador | Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka | Pictures | Protests

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 26, 2021]Under the shadow of the Chinese Communist pneumonia (Covid-19) epidemic, JapanTokyo OlympicsIt was finally held after a year of delay. However, since the start of the game, the CCP’s ambassadors abroad have been keeping a close eye on the content of China involved in foreign media reports.protestFrequently. Following … Read more

Hundreds of dead turtles washed up on land in Sri Lanka – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

On the west coast of Sri Lanka, hundreds of turtles have been washed ashore as a result the cargo ship “X-Press Pearl” caught fire and sank, reports Reuters. The incident is described as the country’s biggest naval disaster. On May 20, the Singapore-registered container ship caught fire. The ship contained almost 1,500 containers, including 25 … Read more

Image: The sea off Sri Lanka washed away hundreds of dead turtles after a boat accident

Environmentalists are convinced that the cases are related to the May fire and the subsequent sinking of the container ship, the agency said. AP. A fire on the MV X-Press Pearl, flying the Singapore flag, broke out on May 20 and took 12 days to extinguish. According to the authorities, the chemicals that the vessel … Read more

Dead turtles and dolphins wash ashore after shipwreck off Sri Lanka

Ecologists believe the dead animals can be linked directly to the fire on the ship X-Press Pearl from Singapore, which burned for twelve days. It only took a few days from the time the fire started on May 20 until dead animals began to drift towards land. The turtles have injuries to the skulls and … Read more