Maxus Euniq 5 – Lures with six seats and larger battery at a budget price

Get access to the most important issues and a number of membership benefits: Try our pro membership for 1 kroner the first month. (Elbil24): Maxus was among the first Chinese car brands to come to Norway in large numbers, first with vans (where Norway Post is among the customers), later also in the passenger car … Read more

Strøm, Bergen | The government takes a larger share of the electricity bill

NTB 08.01.22 17:57 08.01.22 18:10 Ap and Sp increase the electricity subsidy from 55 to 80 percent when the electricity price exceeds 70 øre per kilowatt hour. The proposal already has the support of the Storting. – This gives a completely different security for people. Then you know that if there are very high electricity … Read more

ENAH students demand in protest for a larger budget

Students of the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) se they manifested outside the offices of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico City. The protest is to demand bigger budget since, they affirm, the ENAH is found in precariousness for years. The ENAH started in 2022 with problems after INAH … Read more

The UAE thwarts the largest attempt to smuggle “Capagon” in its history .. “coming from an Arab country”!

Jebel Ali Customs Center and TECOM, affiliated to the UAE Maritime Customs Centers Department in Dubai, announced the thwarting of “the largest attempt to smuggle a large amount of ground Captagon across the Emirates”, less than a week after seizing more than one million tablets of the same drug in import shipments. lemon; The center … Read more

Astronomers capture a massive volcanic eruption of a black hole near Earth, 16 times larger than the full moon in the sky

Centaurus A is an active giant elliptical galaxy located 12 million light-years away. At its core is a black hole with a mass of 55 million suns. This image shows the galaxy at radio wavelengths, revealing huge lobes of plasma that extend far beyond the visible galaxy and occupy only a small spot in the … Read more

Mi Smart Band 6 review: larger screen and oximetry for Xiaomi’s inexpensive activity sensor

No revolution in the interface, the Mi Smart Band 6 still relies on its touch screen to scroll through its various displays. A horizontal swipe gives access to the widgets: weather information and audio player (music played from the smartphone) in initial configuration, but you can choose others via the Mi Fit application (activities, heart … Read more

Today’s technology – a massive glow of a distant star that is 10 times larger than any glow ever recorded

Today’s technology news today – A huge glow of a distant star was detected 10 times larger than any glow ever recorded. Today’s news – Washington – Arab Today Astronomers observing a distant star have detected a massive coronal mass ejection 10 times greater than the strongest mass ever recorded, raising fears that a massive … Read more

Discovery of a planet ten times larger than Jupiter

European astronomers have discovered a planet ten times the size of Jupiter, which orbits a star three times the size of the Sun. The discovery was unveiled in the magazine Nature last week. The team spotted this exoplanet using a telescope from the European Southern Observatory in Chile. The star would be located in the … Read more

Astronomers have discovered a giant planet 10 times larger than Jupiter | Stellar | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times December 11, 2021](Reported by English Epoch Times reporter Katabella Roberts / compiled by Gao Shan) One groupastronomerFound the largest known so farplanet, It is orbiting a huge and extremely hot binary star system. Although they previously believed that such an environment is very unsuitable for the formation of planets. According to a study … Read more