Alitalia, Mise asks for an urgent meeting with the Ministries of Economy and Transport. Salaries for February are late

The Alitalia crisis worsens. The Ministry of Economic Development contacted the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Transport today to request an urgent meeting to discuss the dossier concerning the airline. From the meeting between the extraordinary commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande and the unions that was held in the afternoon showed that the February salaries … Read more

Dow Jones Futures: Bitcoin Rebounds After Market Rally Makes Stand; Tesla, Square Lead Key Movers Late

Dow Jones futures fell slightly Tuesday night, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, with Square (SQ) headlining key earnings and Tesla (TSLA) among several EV plays active overnight. X It was a wild day for the stock market rally, at least for the Nasdaq and especially speculative growth names such as Tesla stock and … Read more

MLB Albert Pujols retires from baseball late 2021 season

Albert Pujols has announced that he will retire from baseball at the end of the 2021 season of MLB after 21 years as a professional baseball player. The Dominican has played for organizations such as the St. Louis Cardinals and the Anaheim Angels and at the moment, he is the oldest active player since at … Read more

Coronavirus in Poland. Masks – new rules. “I regret it’s so late”

Masks and only masks – it is possible that in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic more effectively, there will be a change in regulations. It is possible that soon we will only be able to cover our nose and face with masks, and that scarves, helmets and other “home methods” will be banned. – … Read more

Revelation of producer tank “Lee Ssang-gil, swearword and labor exploitation to late Oh In-hye”

Singer and producer Tank posted a video on YouTube on the 17th, claiming that he had been assaulted by singer Gil from Leessang. Photo youtube Singer and producer Tank (real name Jin-woong Ahn) claimed to have suffered labor exploitation and verbal abuse from Leessang’s singer Gil. Tank posted a video on his YouTube channel on … Read more

Welcome to the third episode of GF Late Show! – Big Brother VIP

In the Casa del Grande Fratello VIP everything is now ready for the live broadcast of the third episode of #GFVIP Late Show e Tommaso, taking up his position at the desk in the center of the living room, welcomes the guests of the evening. Tonight’s episode begins with a double interview with Stefania Orlando … Read more

70 Percent of Prostate Cancer Patients Have Self-Examination Late, What is the Why? – Apart from lung cancer, men are also prone to disease prostate cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that until 2018, cancer prostate including the top five diseases experienced by men. Uro-Oncology specialist dr. Agus Rizal Ardy. Sp.U (K)., Said that prostate cancer is generally experienced by people over 50 years. Because most … Read more

How to advance the hour a few minutes so as not to be late

People who are consistently late for appointments may resort to turn their clocks forward to fool themselves and get on time. Although it is relatively easy to overtake an analog watch (or a non-smart digital one), the same cannot be said for smart watches. Thanks to its connectivity, the time is repeatedly checked and updated, … Read more

[청룡영화상]Directors of Namsan, Best Work Award.. Park Jung-min, memorial to the late Park Ji-seon → Leading Actor Yoo Ah-in and Ramieran (comprehensive)

[청룡영화상]’Directors of Namsan’, Best Work Award..Park Jung-min, memorial to the late Park Ji-seon → Leading Actor Yoo Ah-in and Rami-ran (Comprehensive) [헤럴드POP=김지혜 기자] The best work award was awarded to’Directors of Namsan’, and the Best Actor Award and Best Actress Award were awarded to Yoo In and Ramieran respectively. On the 9th, the 41st Blue … Read more

Ann Chakrapong hammered back on paying late. Because the documents are not complete

Ann Chakrapong hammered back on paying late. Because your documents are not complete Must come to the next month’s bill After that, come to pick up the check again. After having the issue of a famous host, At. Has come out to reveal a transgender woman, revealing the request for a ban on all programs … Read more