Singer arrives two hours late for his own performance and hands out money to apologize: “He deserved the booing tonight “

Nigerian singer Ahmed Ololade – better known as Asaka – arrived two hours late for his show in Birmingham last Saturday. On arrival there was a lot of cheering, but some fans were not too happy about his lateness. Boos resounded in the hall for a while, but the singer had a solution for that. … Read more

This is what the late Queen asked Prince Harry before her death

While the British royal family is in a state of anxiety, after announcing the launch of a book Prince Harry In January, the British newspaper, The Sun, revealed details of the phone calls that took place between the prince and his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, shortly before her death. According to the report, the … Read more

Eating late and eating after hours negatively affect your metabolism

There is more and more attention to what is brought to the table, but this is not enough to guarantee us an optimal state of health and psychophysical condition, in fact we need to start paying attention to “when” to bring a meal to the table. Chronobiology is the branch of biology that studies circadian … Read more

World Cup 2022. Frenchman Jules Kounde wore jewelry banned in football for the match against Poland. The referee reacted too late

World Cup 2022. Only before the end of the first half of the match between France and Poland, defender Jules Kounde was asked by the referee to remove his jewelry. It’s forbidden in football. So why was the reaction so late, and not yet in the tunnel where shoes were routinely checked? Kounde, a colleague … Read more

Colon Cancer Signs from Early and Late Stage Page all – Cancer colon including cancer that occurs a lot with includes several stages. Quoting data Globocan March 2021, out of a total of 396,914 cancer cases in Indonesia, colon cancer is in 6th place, namely 17,368 people. Meanwhile, of the total deaths due to cancer in Indonesia, there are 234,511 people, colon cancer ranks … Read more

The 35-year-old OL often stays up late and her voice is suddenly hoarse, “The neck is getting thicker and thicker.” The examination turned out to be cancer | Life | CTWANT

Staying up late to sleep is a common problem of modern people, which will have an impact on health. There is a 35-year-old woman surnamed Wang in Hangzhou, China. Because of her work, she often stays up late and develops the habit of sleeping in the middle of the night. Recently, she found that her … Read more

Announcer Lee Dong-geun, 42-year-old late mother-in-law… Married to a girl group member [전문]

[스포츠조선닷컴 이게은기자] KBSN sports announcer Lee Dong-geun and Kim Joo-ha, former member of the girl group Queen Biz, will be celebrating a hundred years in January. On the 2nd, Lee Dong-geun said, “The job of sportscaster is a blessing and pride to me. A friend appeared who loved my job, face, voice, height, broad shoulders, … Read more

Tesla delivers the first e-truck: Musk unleashes a “beast” on the world – three years late

– Musk unleashes a “beast” on the world – three years late Tesla’s first electric truck comes from the Gigafactory in Nevada. The plant says a lot about the billionaire. Jurgen Schmieder from Los Angeles Published: 12/02/2022, 10:52 am Announced in 2017, now ready: Tesla boss Elon Musk delivering the first semi truck. Photo: Tesla … Read more

Late candidate for GOTY 2022?

The Callisto Protocol is a game that we have eagerly awaited at the editors. It is a survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios and directed by Glen Schofield. And this man was responsible for a franchise that we hold dear: Dead Space. When we heard and saw from the first trailer that Schofield … Read more

“It was too late to slow down”

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