Stretching the Technology of the Future of SUVs, this Automotive Manufacturer Introduces the Latest Concept Car in Palembang

TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM – The movement of the car industry in Indonesia is marked by the increasing demand for these four-wheeled vehicles. Not only for traveling, Indonesians choose cars by prioritizing many things, including comfort, size and other specifications. SUV or sport utility vehicle so one of the best-selling rides in public demand. This type of car … Read more

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir’s political feud enters the latest chapter

KUALA LUMPUR, – The ups and downs of the relationship between Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad entered the latest chapter. The political temperature of the two sworn enemies has risen again after Mahathir launched his latest political maneuvers. Having declared that he would retire from politics after the embarrassing defeat in the Malaysian elections … Read more

Transmilenio left ‘gomelo’ and will launch a hydrogen bus: the latest in guaracha

In a pilot project between Transmilenio and Ecopetrol a bus powered by hydrogen and electricity was implemented that is friendly to the planet, and that will transit through Bogotá in the SITP component. It may interest you: Transmilenio will get more gomelo: it will bet on more electric fleets with first-class technology Next week the … Read more

Latest house 2 news for today March 20, 2023

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today March 20, 2023: Alexandra Cherno had to apologize to Maya Dontsova for the rumors that Iosif Oganesyan was spreading online about the Kupins. There is another scandal in the Hovhannisyan family because of Joseph’s intemperance. Ilya Bazhenov is cute to Liza Polygalova and this is mutual, Ilya … Read more

Battery failure confirmed: Latest transmission from NASA spacecraft

After 15 years in space, NASA’s AIM mission is ending. A battery failure makes further communication with the Explorer 90 spacecraft impossible. This had already been announced in 2019 – since then the failure had basically been expected. Let … It was only a matter of time before NASA’s AIM project spacecraft is unable to … Read more

The latest Honda CR-V car code appears, this is the selling price

Jakarta – Honda seems to be launching the latest generation of CR-V in Indonesia. After the design patent was registered in Indonesia, now a new car code appears, presumably the sixth generation Honda CR-V. The code appears on the Motorized Vehicle Sales Value Information (NJKB) website of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Regional Revenue Agency. … Read more

The latest work of the popular physics-based bridge-building puzzle series “Poly Bridge 3” released more rich elements-Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“Poly Bridge 3” is a popular bridge-building puzzle game that uses physical mechanics. Use various materials to create your bridges, conduct mechanical tests to allow vehicles to reach their destinations, and the game includes more than a dozen worlds and more than 100 new levels. In the open world battle mode, more and richer new … Read more

Coming up is social insecurity Edu Talk, Dr. TP Sethumadhavan, overseas education, study abroad, education, latest news

# Dr. TP Sethumadhavan 18 March 2023, 11:30 AM IST The average number of students in universities in foreign countries is around 20000. But in our country even 100 students have university!. Separate universities for digital and technology! Universities have academic calendar but work is not according to the calendar! . The number of students … Read more

Is it true that the more money the happier? This is the Latest Study

Jakarta – A 2010 study showed happiness increases as annual income increases. That is, the more money someone will be happier. Is that right? The study, conducted by Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton of Princeton University, has been used as a reference for years. Happiness is said to increase until it reaches an annual income … Read more

Latest List of Mass Layoffs by 56 World Tech Companies Till March 2023

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Although pandemic Covid-1 has subsided, the world’s technology companies still have to fight against the threat of an economic recession. Various efforts have been made to maintain industry stability, including by taking steps layoffs (Work termination). World Tech Companies Mass Layoffs List 2023 Quoted from Techcrunch, the following is a row of … Read more