Armie Hammer would be replaced by this actor in the film he was to star with Jennifer Lopez – E! Online Latino

@houseofeffie later claimed that the direct messages weren’t real, writing, “Okay, I admit it. It’s all fake … But it was fun, wasn’t it?” The next day, Jan 11, @houseofeffie took a step back and said, “Crazy fans went so far as to fake a DM of mine.” On the same day, the writer Jessica … Read more

Latino neighborhoods around the world to make you feel at home

Many places around the world have their Latino neighborhoods. Generally, these have arisen precisely because of the agglomeration of different Latin American communities that have settled over time, but also due to a question of the real estate market: cities should have these areas to rent houses, place bars and restaurants and offer all kinds … Read more

Lindor And Carrasco Will Be Embaced In New York – Latino Sports

Latino Sports New York: Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco said the Mets have a really good team and have the potential to reach the World Series. The Mets made this trade last week acquiring Lindor and Carrasco with intentions of getting to that goal of playing postseason baseball in October. In doing so, the Mets … Read more

Delay in reopening of schools in California due to COVID-19 impacts mental health of Latino students | Voice of America

The COVID-19 health crisis continues to worsen, in California, and this could delay plans to reopen schools. Without access to in-person instruction, many students there have suffered from academic delays and other problems. And Latino children are among the most affected. Verónica Villafañe, of the Voice of america, in Los Angeles.

Joe Biden elects Latino Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education

United States.- The president-elect of U.S, Joe Biden, has chosen the Hispanic Miguel Cardona, like the next Secretary of Education from that country, this will help address systematic inequalities. Miguel Cardona 45-year-old is the third Latino official elected by Joe Biden For his cabinet, when classes began to be held online, he delivered more than … Read more

Is there help in sight? Additionally, Black and Latino businesses struggle to obtain PPP loans. Also, Farm workers and the coronavirus.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 21PROGRAM # 9123 12:00 PM (Pacific Time) Is there help in sight? Negotiators in Congress worked over the weekend to finalize a deal on a diminished coronavirus stimulus bill. What is the content of the aid agreement? How much was included in the package for unemployed, troubled renters, hungry people, mixed status immigrant … Read more

Maryland: Two lawyers indicted for alleged blocking of money laundering investigation El Tiempo Latino

JUDICIAL. Lawyers are officials of the court. They are not above the law, ”said Maryland US Attorney Robert K. Hur. | Reference photo / Pixabay. Two prominent Maryland attorneys and a private investigator were charged with allegedly conspiring to block a federal money laundering investigation related to a drug operation. Joshua Treem and Kenneth Ravenell, … Read more

George Clooney wants his own reality show on E! to replace Keeping Up With The Kardashians – E! Online Latino

The Oscar winner made us a very provocative proposal. This Tuesday, December 8, in a new Daily Pop, Morgan Stewart of E! met with director, actor and producer George Clooney to discuss his latest project, The Midnight Sky. However, before launching into the discussion about the next Netflix movie, George made a surprising proposal. “So, … Read more