Microsoft says cyberattack attributed to Russia exposed its source code :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Washington, Dec 31 (EFE News) .- The software giant Microsoft revealed this Thursday that the recent massive cyberattack that the federal government attributes to Russian hackers penetrated deeper into its system than it believed, and exposed at least part of its source code. In a message published on its blog, Microsoft stressed that the hackers … Read more

NBA re-establishes stand-up policy for national anthem :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

New York, Dec 21 (EFE) .- The election year ended in the United States and the NBA, through commissioner Adam Silver, confirmed that the league will re-establish the policy that players remain standing during the interpretation of the anthem national. After virtually all players, coaches and staff members knelt to hear the national anthem on … Read more

Data reveals favorable treatment to firms linked to Trump and his son-in-law in the US :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Washington, Dec 2 (EFE News) .- Official data from the Small Business Administration on who benefited from financial assistance and loan programs during the pandemic reveal that part of the aid went to properties owned by President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, reported Wednesday the television network NBC. Analysis of this … Read more

Actors denounce Hollywood union for reduction of health insurance :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Los Angeles, Dec 1 (EFE) .- A group of professionals sued the SAG-AFTRA union, the largest union in Hollywood, for a reform that, they allege, could leave hundreds of actors without health insurance in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. SAG-AFTRA represents some 160,000 television, radio, film and other professionals. Most of its members are … Read more

Lawsuit that sought to stop Trump from excluding undocumented immigrants from the census falls :: Latinxtoday :: Immigration

Miami, Nov 26 (EFE News) .- A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to end the attempt by the Government of President Donald Trump to exclude undocumented immigrants from the 2020 Census, the public radio station NPR reported on Thursday. This is the first time a federal court has ruled in favor of … Read more

Latinos in California receive fewer home loans, study reveals :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Los Angeles, Nov 24 (EFE News) .- Latino and African-American borrowers in California receive fewer home purchase loans than white buyers, a barrier that is even more accentuated among minority women, an analysis of the Federal mortgage loan data released Tuesday. The Greenlining Institute’s analysis found that Latino and African-American Californians’ share of home loans … Read more

Judge orders the Trump Government to stop the expulsion of unaccompanied minors :: Latinxtoday :: Immigration

Los Angeles, Nov 18 (EFE News) .- A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the government of President Donald Trump to stop expelling unaccompanied migrant children detained at the border without allowing them to make refugee or asylum requests, dealing a severe blow to the measures imposed by the Administration for the health emergency. Magistrate Emmet … Read more

Cuomo will denounce Trump if he delays arrival of covid vaccine in New York :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

New York, Nov 15 (EFE News) .- The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said this Sunday that he will file a lawsuit against the Donald Trump Administration if it complies with the recent threat of the president to delay the distribution of the vaccine of covid-19 in this region. “I tell … Read more

Storm Iota forms in the Caribbean with a new threat to Central America :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Miami, Nov 13 (EFE News) .- Depression number 31 in the Caribbean became tropical storm Iota on Friday, which threatens to bring dangerous winds, storm surge and abundant rains to Central America starting next Sunday night. indicated the National Hurricane Center (NHC). This system can become a major hurricane when it approaches Nicaragua and Honduras … Read more

Academics see Republican support for Trump’s complaints as “incendiary” :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Miami, Nov 10 (EFE News) .- A bipartisan panel of academics and former government officials described it as “inflammatory” and “dangerous” for Republicans to support the allegations of electoral fraud made by President Donald Trump without evidence, noting that they are threatening a “peaceful transition” of power. The so-called National Task Force on Election Crisis … Read more