Telia Latvija’s turnover decreased by 2.8 percent last year. | Business

It notes that Telia Latvija operated in an unpredictable external situation, but was able to adapt, reducing the negative impact to a minimum. The company continued to perform stably in all main segments, but the turnover in the Internet services segment decreased slightly due to the further process of market consolidation, which affected several wholesale … Read more

Kiwie NFT collection, VR facilitated operation and limitations of electric scooters / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

#DigitālāsBrokastis At the forefront of the August 5th news chart is the new NFT collection of the Latvian street artist collective Kiwie in New York. Virtual reality facilitates the operation of separating the heads of twins. Facebook reports revenue decline for the first time. An Australian hacker made more than $300,000 selling a spying tool. … Read more

“Latvijas finieris” has invested 3.3 million euros in a warehouse of large wooden structures in Riga

JSC “Latvijas finieris” has invested 3.3 million euros in the warehouse of large wooden structures of the company’s “Furniers” factory in Riga, company representatives informed. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The construction of the more than 3,750 square meter warehouse started in the spring of 2021, and 3.3 million euros have been invested … Read more

The manager of the store network ‘LaTS’ ‘Latvijas Tirgotauiu savienė’ earned 1.05 million

SIA “Latvijas Tirgotauju savienė”, which unites small and medium-sized Latvian food retail companies in the “LaTS” network, has increased its turnover to 11.10 million euros in the past year. Compared to the previous year, the indicator increased by 6.24% during the past year. SIA “Latvijas Tirgotauju savienė” closed the financial year with a profit of … Read more

Insurers must make double the regular monthly deductions to the OCTA Guarantee Fund / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

Since July, insurers must make regular monthly deductions in the guarantee fund of the compulsory civil liability (OCTA) insurance of vehicle owners in double amount, according to the Latvian Vehicle Insurance Bureau (LTAB). The data of the office show that on June 30, 2022, the Guarantee Fund had 14.34 million euros, which is the lowest … Read more

Fragments from Eduards Liniņš’s conversations with Knut Skujenieks / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

On July 25, 2022, after 85 fruitful and bright years of life, poet, comedian and literary critic Knuts Skujenieks passed away. Along with an outstanding contribution to the Latvian literary process, Knut Skujeniek’s life is also marked by the course of being a political prisoner of the Soviet regime. Namely, in 1962 he was convicted … Read more

Triptych of operas by Giacomo Puccini at the Salzburg Festival / LR3 / / Latvijas Radio 3

Live from the Salzburg Festival – Giacomo Puccini’s triptych of operas staged by director Christoph Loy with the one-act operas “Gianni Skiki”, “The Cloak” and “Sister Angelica”. In all performances, the main female role is assigned to the Vilnius-born soprano Asmikai Grigorjanai, who has been loved by the Salzburg Festival audience since her debut in … Read more

how to correct “thinking errors” in prisons / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

In order for the ex-prisoner to successfully integrate into society, specialists work with him in the prison: they offer various programs, involve him in events, educate him, and also find him a job. However, not all prisoners are actively involved in resocialization. Those who do not want to change often end up behind bars again. … Read more

“Industry consumes the most energy worldwide – they must be the first to give up gas!” “Latvijas avīzes” conversation with the President of the EC, Urzula von der Leyen

President of the European Commission Urzula von der Leyen: “Energy saving should start with those who consume the most. It’s an industry all over the world. That’s why we ask them to contribute and especially to switch from gas to other fuels as a priority.” Photo: Christophe Licoppe/EU Raivis Šveicars, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” … Read more

People gather in Kuldīga for the second Democracy Festival / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

On July 29 and 30, the second Democracy Festival takes place in Kuldīga. Any interested person could participate in the organization of such a celebration, so as a result, a wide program consisting of more than 30 events and other types of activities was created. You will be able to talk, participate in various workshops, … Read more