Pampita and Laurita Fernández choose red microbikinis for their high summer looks

The rojo in fashion it is an all-time classic that is reversed each season. This summer, the color of passion is on microbikinis, in different styles and formats, either patterned or plain. Argentine fashionistas echo this phenomenon and print their stamp on it. The latest to join the trend? pampita y Laurita Fernandez. Also read: … Read more

Laurita Fernández revealed how her relationship with Rufina Cabré turned out

Laurita Fernandez He had several comings and goings with Nico Cabré over three years and in all those periods forged a great relationship with Rufina, the actor’s daughter and China Suárezwho is already nine years old Throughout the relationship that Laurita had with Cabré, the contact between the driver and the girl was very fluidto … Read more

Laurita Fernández, in a relationship with Peluca Brusca, spoke of her strong desire to be a mother

Laurita Fernandezhappily in pairs with Claudio “Wig” Bruscaspoke of his strong desire to be a mother. First, it clarified that want to have a child but later. “Of course I want to be a mom, but not anymore“, he affirmed, between laughs, in dialogue with Show Partners. “Obviously I want to be a mom, but … Read more

Laurita Fernández showed how the “ecofriendly” balcony of her apartment turned out

Laurita Fernandez She is one of the most beloved figures in the middle, since she has not only managed to win the support of her fans for her great talent in front of the screens but also for her good vibes that characterizes her on social networks. It has even been on Instagram where the … Read more

Laurita Fernández premiered her new pool and showed it on social networks

Summer is throbbing and Laurita Fernandez opened its new pool the last weekend in which there was a heat wave in Buenos Aires. the driver of Welcome aboard showed on social media How did the pool you built in the patio of your house look like? and it was fury. It should be remembered that … Read more

The romantic exit of boyfriends of “Peluca” Brusca and Laurita Fernández: “Happy moments”

The host and the producer of Welcome aboard They shared images of their partner’s intimacy. The relationship between Laura Fernandez y Claudio “Peluca” Bruscawho met working together in Welcome aboard (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 4 p.m.) grows day by day and they are in charge of telling their followers how good they feel … Read more

The bomb revelation of Guido Kaczka after the crush of Laurita Fernández and Wig Brusca

Guido the Duck threw a revelation bombshell about his producer, Kuarzobehind the love and laundering of the relationship Laurita Fernández and Claudio ‘Wig’ Brusca. “In Kuarzo, in spring, producers in general… in there there are more relationships, there are many romances”, said the renowned driver in dialogue with LAM. Later, he confessed: “I see and … Read more

Guido Kaczka gave confidential information about the romance of Laurita Fernández and Wig Brusca

Guido Kaczka was the creator of Welcome aboardprogram that left in the hands of her friend, Laurita Fernándezwhen he took command of the two editions of The 8 million steps. Therefore, in show partners they consulted him about the rumors of romance between the host and the producer of the program, Claudio Wig Bruscaa news … Read more

Laurita Fernández shared photos barefoot, with a washed face and without filters: “Just woken up”

Laura Fernandez Laura Fernandez always something to talk about. the driver of Welcome aboard harvest spectators every afternoon in the cycle of games and competitions of The thirteen but also, in his social networks, which he does not neglect and feeds on a daily basis. For a few months, in fact, she has been decorating … Read more

Laurita Fernández challenged Hernán Drago live in Welcome aboard

The eagerness to Hernan Drago to participate in Welcome aboard made Laura Fernandez lose patience with his partner, and for that he challenged him in the air in front of everyone. “Enough, please I ask you“The driver cried out, already fed up with the model constantly delimiting what she or the rest of those present … Read more