Persija Jakarta Boss Beware of Persis Solo’s Strength in League 1

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM The moment Persis Solo lifted the trophy after winning the 2021 Liga 2 at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, West Java, December 30, 2021. BOLASPORT.COM – Sports Director Persija Jakarta, Ferry Paulus, provide feedback regarding the promotion Just Solo, RANS Cilegon FC, and God United ke League 1 2022. Of the three … Read more

Rumors of Marukawa to Persis Solo Getting Stronger, Management Opens Up

SOLOPOS.COM – Taisei Marukawa against Persik Kediri. (Twitter Persebaya), SOLO – The management and coaching team of Persis Solo have moved to prepare the team for the event League 1 Next season. Not only local players, the aim is also to aim for the foreign legionaries who are the target of the Laskar Sambernyawa … Read more

Rows of Persis Solo Players Leave, from Core Players to Not Playing

SOLOPOS.COM – Fabiano Beltrame (Twitter @persisofficial), SOLO – A number of Persis Solo players have officially left for the League 1 team entering Series 4 in Bali. PSM Makassar became the most team that used the services of Laskar Sambernyawa personnel. Persis Solo won League 2 or a total of 15 matches to spend … Read more

Undetected, Irfan Jauhari Officially Joins Persija Jakarta

Persija Jakarta’s movement in recruiting new players for the second half of Liga 1 2021/22 has not stopped. And this time, the capital team’s move to bring in a new player was completely undetected. On Tuesday, January 4, Persija officially introduced Irfan Jauhari. The forward, who is still 20 years old, was previously a player … Read more

Madura United Bring Back Alberto Goncalves

Madura United is moving in the transfer market for the 2021/22 Liga 1 season, by bringing in old names that have strengthened them. Most recently, Alberto Goncalves was officially brought back by Laskar Sape Kerrab, to serve the rest of the season. Beto is a veteran ferocious striker who has been synonymous with Madura United … Read more

Hamka Hamzah Had Banned Raffi Ahmad from Acquisition of League 2 Clubs

INDOSPORT.COM – One of the main players RANS Cilegon FC In Liga 2 2021, Hamka Hamzah, leaked the beginning of the story of Raffi Ahmad buying the Cilegon United club. Initially, Hamka Hamzah knew Raffi Ahmad because they both actively played at Celebrity FC, a club that was formed during the pandemic and actively keeps … Read more

The Persis Squad Starts to Disperse after Winning Liga 2 2021, What’s the Fate of Coach Eko Purdjianto?

In addition to the names above, several other employees are rumored to be leaving in the near future. In fact, the signal came directly from coach Persis Eko Purdjianto. However, the coach from Semarang is still reluctant to speak out, regarding anyone who is rumored to be joining another club. Persis coach, Eko Purdjianto admitted … Read more

Rahmad Darmawan Officially Trains Barito Putera

The puzzle of the person who will manage Barito Putera, for the second round of Liga 1 2021/22, has finally been answered. Laskar Antasari officially announced Rahmad Darmawan as the new coach. Rahmad replaces Djadjang Nurdjaman, who was kicked out in the first round. The former interpreter of the Persib Bandung formation stepped down from … Read more

Dream to Liga 1 Buried, Sriwijaya FC Decides to Disband Team

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Sriwijaya FC striker, Sunawan Rusni (center), seems to celebrate after scoring one goal in the Round of 8 of the 2021 Liga 2 at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, West Java, 15 December 2021. .

Raffi Ahmad’s message ahead of the Rans Cilegon FC semi-final match

Rans Cilegon FC successfully advanced to the semi-finals of Liga 2 2021. In that round, Rahmad Darmawan’s troops, will challenge PSIM Yogykarta, at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Monday (27/12). No one expected Rans Cilegon FC, could step up to the semi-finals. This was because The Prestige Phoenix, had only been formed for less than a year. … Read more