Planets and Star Travelers

Jakarta – Planet moves around the star, and the star moves around the center of the galaxy. However, it turns out that there is an anomaly. Astronomers have discovered that there are planets as well as stars that travel alone in interstellar space. Planets like this are called free-floating planets or nomad planets or wandering … Read more

Types of Planets in His Big Family

Jakarta – After the sun was formed, planet-planet then formed from the rest of the gas and dust that formed the Sun. Although each planet is unique, there are planets in the Solar System that have similarities and we can make groupings based on their composition. In the Solar System, we generally know the terrestrial … Read more

Star Explosion, from Supernova to Micronova

Jakarta – Stars can explode. In fact, there are stars that do explode at the end of their lives. no half-hearted, star explosion posed include a devastating explosion in the universe. In 1572, Tycho Brahe, a nobleman and astronomer from Denmark saw a new bright star for the first time. Because this is a new … Read more