Minsa brigades leave for Datem del Marañón to apply vaccination sweep after ruling out a case of polio | News

Download pdf Start Right Economy Present Policy Country World deporte Cultural Science and Technology Opinion Editorial Especial Central Leadership Live together Convocation In confidence Science and Technology Leisure Supplements economic Legal Ours varieties Economics and Law THURSDAY 23 March 2023 Start Right Economy Present Politics Country World deporte Cultural Opinion Editorial specials Central Leadership Live … Read more

The Russian mercenary group “Wagner” could leave thousands of prisoners in the near future

Prisoners recruited by the Russian mercenary group “Wagner” will soon have six-month contracts and may leave the group, according to the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The British Ministry of Defense predicts that thousands of convicts recruited by “Wagner” in the fall of 2022 will be pardoned and released, as it seems … Read more

The explosions in Crimea were a signal for the Russians to leave, Ukrainians said. They also allegedly destroyed the Russian Kalibr | missiles iRADIO

Monday’s explosions on the Crimea peninsula are a signal for the Russians to leave the area, according to the Unian agency, the spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Southern Command, Nataliya Humenyukova, said. In the city of Dzhankoy in the north of Crimea, where explosions were heard on Monday, the local authorities introduced a state of emergency, the … Read more

This is the contents of the SKB 3 Ministers on Nyepi 2023 Leave and Schedule of Holidays

Jakarta – Isi SKB 3 Ministers Leave with Nyepi 2023 and the holiday schedule is listed below. The latest SKB 3 Ministers contains information on a list of national holidays and collective leave for 2023, including for the celebration of the 2023 Nyepi Holy Day. The SKB 3 Ministers is a Joint Decree of the … Read more

Announcement! Thursday Leave Together, Here’s the Complete 2023 Holiday Schedule

sefCNBC Indonesia News Wednesday, 22/03/2023 06:40 WIB Photo: AP/Firdia Lisnawati Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The public holiday for the Republic of Indonesia does not only fall on Wednesday (22/3/2023). Tomorrow, Thursday 23 March 2023, workers can also get a day off. The government has set it as a day off with the Nyepi celebration. This … Read more

Note! This is an Odd-Even Location in DKI, Does Joint Leave Apply?

Martyasari RizkyCNBC Indonesia News Tuesday, 21/03/2023 06:30 WIB Photo: Infographic/ Odd Even/ Edward Ricardo Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – This week there are 2 holidays, namely March 22 and 23 2023. This refers to the Joint Decree (SKB) of the Minister of Religion, Minister of Manpower, Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Number 1066 of … Read more

Wenger: Kane knew how to choose his future and it was “wrong” for him to leave the tool hand – yqqlm

Original title: Wenger: Kane knew how to choose his future when he left the tool hand was “wrong” March 30 News Recently, the legendary Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said in an interview that he believes Harry Kane can achieve his goal of winning the championship without leaving Tottenham. Kane, as the second-highest scoring player in … Read more

March 23 Joint Leave is Optional, the decision depends on the boss

Jakarta – The government has set March 23 as one of the days holiday together year 2023. That date was set as a joint holiday to complement the national holiday for the celebration of the Holy Day of Silence for the Saka New Year 1945 which falls on March 22, 2023. However, the implementation of … Read more

Fell in love: Yana Poplavskaya stopped hiding plans to leave

Yaroslav Grigoriev 2 days ago Yana Poplavskaya The actress is seriously considering leaving Moscow. It turned out that her love was to blame. The 55-year-old star of the film “About Little Red Riding Hood” has never hidden her patriotic position. In her interviews, Poplavskaya emphasized that she loves the Russian capital and is not going … Read more