Angie Khoury dances in a scandalous way .. and provokes the audience!

The Syrian singer postedAngie KhouryA scandalous video clip, through her personal account on the social networking site, in which she appeared half-naked, and danced in a very provocative manner.Angie wore revealing clothes that clearly showed her chest and stomach, with hot shorts in the same color, revealing her legs completely.And she seemed to dance in … Read more

Priyanka Chopra’s completely nude pictures are making waves on social media!

Social media pioneers shared a picture of the actress and former Miss World ​Priyanka Chopra​, while she is completely naked without any piece of clothing, and lies on her back, highlighting her bare butt in a way that provoked the audience, and they considered her rude.Priyanka revealed that Quantico’s car sex scene is her favourite, … Read more

Scientists explain the mysterious properties of moon rocks

Khabarni – Scientists used to believe that in the past, convection currents occurred in the interior of the moon periodically as a result of the strength of its magnetic field. This explains why traces of magnetization are present in some moon rock samples.And the journal Nature Astronomy indicates that the analysis of samples of moon … Read more

You won’t believe what Kanye West said about Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend!

The effects of the global starKanye WestGreat controversy with his attack through a song on Habib, the reality TV starKim kardashianPete Davidson.“God saved me from the accident just to kick Pete Davidson’s ass,” Kanye West said.And the foreign websites circulated a video clip of the famous rapper Kanye West, leaving a nightclub, after a strange … Read more

Jennifer Aniston just puts the towel on her body completely naked!

International actress Jennifer Aniston posted a set of photos through her own account on the social networking site.Jennifer appeared content with placing a towel over her body, without any clothes under it.Jennifer looked as if she was taking a shower, her hair still wet, and commented: “Humidity.”Jennifer Aniston had commented on rumors that she preferred … Read more

Belqis video spontaneously ignites social networking sites!

Yemeni artist contactBilqisMarketing for the music video for her new song “patient​” Which she released in the Moroccan dialect, and photographed in a remote village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.Belqis published a spontaneous video clip of her, in which she appeared as she danced in the Moroccan way and with a clear humor to … Read more

Jordan crowned the West Asian Promising Championship title at the expense of Lebanon “A”

Jordan won the first edition of the West Asian Junior Championships (under 14) hosted by Lebanon, by defeating Lebanon “A” team 1-0 in the final match at the Fouad Shehab Sports Complex stadium in Jounieh. Jordan owes this achievement to its player, Hala Marar, who scored the only winning goal in the 62nd minute of … Read more

The video of Jennifer Lopez dancing in a scandalous way is sweeping social networking sites!

A video clip of the international artist was recently spread on social mediaJennifer LopezShe dances in a scandalous manner.Jennifer appeared sitting on the floor and doing very exciting and daring moves.The public objected to Jennifer’s behavior and considered it to be crossing the line.The video is from a scene from an old movie by Jennifer, … Read more

Khloe Kardashian Had Sex In The Plane And The Kitchen And Sylvester Stallone Asked Sharon Stone To Take Off Her Underwear

in the world ofactingActresses may be exposed tosexual harassment​This results in psychological pressures, and the spread of the news may lead to them losing their work contract, so they keep secret to preserve their careers. ​Chloe KardashianI had sex on the plane and on the kitchen table When asked the reality TV star and American … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian publishes a video during her shower .. Very daring!

The reality TV star postedKourtney Kardashian​A video of her on her personal page on the social networking site through the feature of short stories, in which she appears during her shower, and this is not the first time that she has done this.Kourtney appeared sitting in the bathtub, after filling it with soapy water, and … Read more