Here’s how to make purée potatoes

Potato puree is a delicious and easy dish that can accompany the main dishes on your table, and is an alternative to fried potatoes. Here are the ingredients and method of preparation. Ingredients 6 heads of medium sized sweet potatoesA tablespoon of buttera glass of milk How to prepare Peel the potato heads and boil … Read more

This is how Norma Naoum looked like, 23 years after she was elected Miss Lebanon – in pictures

In 1999, Norma Naoum was elected Miss Lebanon, and has appeared since that time with her soft features, through which she entered the homes and hearts of all Lebanese. Although many years have passed since her election, she is one of the beauty queens that the Lebanese cannot forget, and she is considered one of … Read more

Naomi Campbell, Iman Abdel Majeed and Yasmine Arsam are the most famous models who have achieved success despite the color of their race

Dark skin contributed to the world of fashion and beauty through the entry of beautiful models who were in addition to their female colleagues. The experience was not easy, and some of them were excluded, such as Naomi Campbell, who was supported by designer Yves Saint Laurent and used his influence to appear on the … Read more

A famous artist was taken to the hospital after she refused to fart in front of her lover

Among the strange news that may amaze you is what happened with the Brazilian actress Vivian de Queiroz Pereira, who was taken to the hospital a few months ago, because she refused to fart in front of her lover. And it turned out that this behavior, which she believes will embarrass her in front of … Read more

South Korean player Cho Goo Sung is upset with young Arab women for this strange reason

The famous South Korean national team player, Cho Goo Song, expressed his great dissatisfaction with the fact that some young women got his personal number after appearing more during the current World Cup in Qatar. He stressed that he had to turn off his private phone because of the many offers of marriage that he … Read more

Miss Croatia appears in a swimsuit at the World Cup in Qatar and causes a sensation – in pictures

Miss Croatia 2018 Ivana Knoll appeared for the second time in one of the World Cup stadiums in Qatar, wearing a white and red swimsuit in honor of the flag of her country and in support of it. Her appearance formed a state of anger and widespread controversy, according to her appearance, which was inconsistent … Read more

You will be surprised when you know how much Jana Mekdad earns from amount that company managers do not get!

There is no doubt that YouTubers around the world get very high amounts of money in exchange for the high number of views that they get on the videos that they publish weekly on their channel. This matter is no longer a hobby, but rather a large number of social media stars, most notably the … Read more

The “constitutional” decision to cancel Feng’s prosecution and dedicate it to a purely political dignitary

The owner of the Third Lebanese Republic Initiative, Omar Harfoush, commented on the developments related to the appeals, writing: “The Constitutional Council’s decision to annul Ramy Feng’s prosecution and dedicate it to Faisal Karami is purely political. The Council admitted that it no longer sorted all the boxes, which means that it stopped at the … Read more

The high price of the 95-octane gasoline plate is 8,000 pounds, diesel oil is 9,000 pounds, and gas is 4,000 pounds

The General Directorate of Petroleum of the Ministry of Energy and Water issued a new table for fuel prices. The price of 95-octane gasoline increased by 8,000 Lebanese pounds, and 98-octane by 9,000 pounds, and the price of a bottle of gas increased by 4,000 pounds, while the price of diesel fuel decreased by 9,000 … Read more

autopartsleb participates in the international exhibition “Automechanika

autopartsleb participated in the international exhibition Automechanika – Dubai, which lasted from Tuesday the twenty-second of November until the twenty-fourth of it. The company was represented by the CEO, Mr. Jean Bakhos, who visited most of the important events in the exhibition, especially the companies specialized in development, networking and linking platforms. of dollars from … Read more