Testimony of Eric Lefèvre on the death of his wife after being vaccinated against covid-19

Stephanie aged 48 years old was in good health according to her husband, one week after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, symptoms of side effects appeared, and after one month she died; an autopsy is underway to find out the real cause of death. According to specialists, the vaccine could have awakened a … Read more

Paralympic Games: after Peter Genyn, Joyce Lefevre also victim of an act of sabotage

The Belgian athlete’s wheelchair was sabotaged on Saturday before his competition, just like Peter Genyn’s before. JOyce Lefevre was also the victim of an act of sabotage at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Belgian Paralympic Committee reported on Sunday. The wheelchair athlete, who competed in the 800m (T34) of the para-athletics events on Saturday, had … Read more