Center-right tested Hungary: Fdi and Lega from Orbán, Fi with the EU

The European Commission still rejects Hungary on the front of the reforms on the rule of law that had been requested and closely linked to the disbursement of EU funds. Red light on the implementation of the plan prepared by the Budapest authorities and which had been agreed with Brussels. Which will now offer a … Read more

Jessica, chemotherapy, the birth of Alexander and the pain of a young life cut short

We called her the “warrior of life”. But this time Jessica Poncia didn’t make it. And a year after when, despite chemotherapy, she had given birth to a beautiful baby named Alexander and it seemed that even for her the worst of her was behind her, the bad disease returned to undermine her and left … Read more

Pensions: the idea of ​​Meloni, away at 58-59 years but 30% is lost – PMI

Away from work already at 58-59 and with 35 years of contributions, but losing up to 30% of the pension. It is the hypothesis – according to what Repubblica reports – that Giorgia Meloni is evaluating to definitively overcome the Fornero law. The so-called ‘Man Option’ – it is emphasized – would allow on the … Read more

Lega Nord, the assembly of former parliamentarians and militants: “It is our home, we must take back the symbol. Salvini’s party is a new DC”

The handkerchiefs, scarves and green sweatshirts with the sun of the Alpsthe banners of the regional leagues, the flag with the red cross and Alberto da Giussano. It’s a micro-Pontida of other times that staged in a restaurant in Biassono, in Brianza, where almost two hundred “nostalgic” of North league they met in an assembly … Read more

Lega, splinters gather in Brianza: “Immediately a congress or a new party” – The video

Neither with Salvini, nor with Bossi. A group of militants from the Northern League who have always contested the political line of the League for Salvini premier, but also that of senator Umberto Bossi “Who had given us something great, then mistakes were made and now we have to do something different”, she returned to … Read more

“He favored companies in tenders”, the mayor of Priolo, Pippo Gianni, former UDC parliamentarian today at the Lega, arrested for extortion

The mayor of Priolo Gargallo (in the province of Syracuse), Pippo Gianni was arrested by the police on suspicion of concussion. The 77-year-old mayor is now at the House arrest. The agents of the Syracuse mobile squad and the Priolo police station, together with the Pef Unit of the Financial Police, also carried out searches … Read more

The Italian who acted as an observer for the referendums in Ukraine: “I vote Lega and I’m with Putin, the vote was regular”

Giuseppe Luca Genovese41, Sicilian from the roomwas part of the 13 Italian observers for i referendum on the occupied territories ofUkraine. He did so at the invitation of the self-proclaimed Italian ambassador to the equally self-proclaimed independent Republic of Abkhazia. Vito Grittani. He was escorted by the Russians to some seats of Lugansk e Donetsk. … Read more

The Italian observer in the Donbass: “I vote Lega and I understand Putin. The referendum was regular “

He had already been to Putin’s court a year ago, when he was invited as an observer for the Duma elections. This time, however, Giuseppe Luca Genovese41, a Sicilian from Gela, was part of a smaller expedition – there were 13 Italians – and decidedly more dangerous: invited by the self-proclaimed Italian ambassador to the … Read more

“Supporting the government gave the Lega a bludgeon. Salvini is needed at the Viminale »-

from Marco Cremonesi The senator: we are already doing the section congresses. The leader of the League is the one who has opposed illegal immigration the most and is most committed to security We have five years of difficult but important work ahead of us. This is the government of the center-right, our government. Roberto … Read more

In the EU, the sovereigns rejoice after the victory of Meloni, the silence of Brussels – Europe

(by Michele Esposito) – BRUSSELS – They rejoice in Hungary, Poland, Sweden and in Marine Le Pen’s France. Silence reigns in Brussels. Europe thus welcomes the triumph of the self-propelled center-right Giorgia Meloni and is preparing for an Italy which, from the point of view of its political position, risks being at the antipodes of … Read more