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An international team of scientists calculated how intensely TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets were bombarded in their early stages. This was done with the help of modeling, which showed at what intensity of collisions with celestial bodies a harmonious relationship between the orbital periods of the planets could be maintained. Research results revealing the possibility of the existence … Read more

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Xiaomi is set to unveil its first electric vehicle in 2024. About it informs Chinese edition of Laoyaoba. Analysts studied the financial report for the third quarter submitted by Xiaomi, noting that the number of employees engaged in research and development of new technologies and products exceeded 13 thousand people. This figure is 44 percent … Read more

Chinese competitor pushed Tesla: Business: Economy:

Chinese electric car maker XPeng, a rival to Tesla, has unveiled its new SUV for the international market and ousted the electric car giant, reports CNBC. The new G9 SUV is the fourth production model of XPeng’s electric vehicles. Rival Tesla plans to launch the car in China in the third quarter of 2022. In … Read more

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The international collaboration of astrophysicists LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA discovered 35 gravitational-wave events in five months – from November 2019 to March 2020. The frequency of 1.7 events per week is the highest recorded, scientists say. A preprint describing the results of the observations, posted at Related materials 15:00 — 03 october 2017 00:02 — 24 February … Read more

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The interface of the new generation game consoles is inconvenient for gamers. About this in his blog Built for Mars was announced by designer Peter Ramsey. The specialist conducted a detailed analysis of the next generation set-top boxes, focusing on user experience (UX). Ramsey appreciated the convenience of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X … Read more

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Astronomers at the NOIRLab Research Center and California State University (USA) have found that most rocky planets orbiting nearby stars are more diverse and exotic than previously thought. They contain unique types of alien rocks that are unparalleled in the solar system. About it reported in an article published in the journal Nature Communications. Related … Read more

The Russian traveled to Turkey and talked about the popular way to “divorce” tourists: Opinions: Travel:

The Russian traveled to Turkey and talked about the “skillful way of divorce” tourists with money, who decided to do active rest. He shared his story on his personal blog on the platform Yandex.Zen. So, the traveler went with the girl to the Pamukkale region, which is popular for its geothermal springs and the ancient … Read more

The probable route of transmission of coronavirus to humans has been discovered: Society: World:

The coronavirus could be transmitted to humans from bats through wild animals that were kept on farms in several regions of China. The detection of a probable pathway for the spread of infection was reported by The Washington Post (WP). According to a report compiled after a WP reporter’s trip to Hubei province, the region … Read more