Øystein Stray Spetalen, Instagram | Leprosy in armor:

Removed Twitter account after threats from Stray Spetalen. (The case has been updated with new comments after publication). Finansavisen writes that the investor is furious after someone created the Twitter profile “Øystein Spray Petalen” (see screenshot below). In other words, the investor’s name is parodied, and the user emphasizes that the profile is a parody … Read more

Detection of Mycobacterium leprae agent of leprosy …

While humans are considered the main host of Mycobacterium leprae, the etiological agent of Meadow, the disease has spread to other mammals that are now maintenance hosts, such as nine-banded armadillos and red squirrels. An international team of researchers has identified leprosy for the first time in wild chimpanzees in West Africa. Although naturally acquired … Read more

Leprosy discovered in wild chimpanzees for the first time | Abroad

The origin of the infection in the monkeys is not yet clear. Scientists suspect that the chimpanzees contracted leprosy through contact with humans. But that needs to be further investigated. Research shows that the strains are different and unusual in humans. It is also still unclear whether this form can jump from apes to humans. … Read more

Fiocruz develops molecular test to diagnose leprosy early

A World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the incidence of leprosy – a disease popularly known as leprosy – has decreased worldwide, but around 200,000 are still diagnosed. patients every year. About 80% of these diagnoses take place in India, Brazil and Indonesia. Brazil is where the second highest incidence of leprosy is located, with … Read more