Crisis dem, the analysis of Letta? “Everyone against the Democratic Party, M5s and Action are attacking us instead of the government. We demand respect”. Calenda: “Weep”

“We are the subject of a daily “opposition to opposition“And this is the background to the congress and affects its development in the public narrative”. The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta writes to Corriere della Sera and complains of a too harsh attitude towards his own party on the part of the other … Read more

The left in the streets uses peace to wage war on the government and Ukraine. Letta contested

Rome. The banner with the word peace in ten languages. The flags of Emergency. The leaders and trade unions. In the procession that sees the Democratic Party and the Five Stars parading in Rome without party banners, banners of Russia and chants against the Atlantic Alliance appear: “Enough weapons in Kiev” “Out of Italy-dal-la-Na- to … Read more

Demonstrations for peace, in Rome Conte widens to the left. And Letta (disputed) moves away-

from Goffredo Buccini Whistle and “go” to the secretary of the Democratic Party. The leader of the Movement takes the stage. Among the participants also choirs of other times: “Out of Italy from NATO, out of NATO from Italy” One admonishes, pontificates and allows himself to take selfies, that I miss the Salvini of the … Read more

Meloni’s secret confession, Al Bano writes to Putin and Letta: so, today …

– The famous “return of politics” is recorded by this first decree of Meloni government. And not because he is who knows how revolutionary compared to the Draghi government, but because he takes identity choices. Decisions that in five years (hopefully) the left will be able to contest in the electoral campaign and convince citizens … Read more

Letta: ‘The worst choices made’. Melons: ‘Very serious words’ – Politics

It is a violent clash between Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta, with the premier in pectore asking for immediate apologies and the dem leader accusing the majority of having “started the legislature with an incendiary logic” for the two appointments at the top of Parliament and sinks: “it is not the majority that tells the … Read more

Chambers, Letta attacks: “In the choices of the presidents perverse and incendiary logic”. Meloni: “Very serious words, sorry” – the direct

15 Ott 202220:49 La Russa: “I will be president of everyone, no alibi for the sowers of hatred” “Messages of solidarity continue to reach me not only from ordinary citizens and friends of FdI, but also from exponents of every political area. I publicly respond to everyone by thanking and renewing my commitment to wanting … Read more

Direction Pd, Letta: “The opposition will do us good, it will allow us to regenerate. Let’s take off the double-breasted”

“The opposition will do us good, it will do good for the Democratic Party and it will allow us to regenerate. Let’s take off the double-breasted “. The secretary of the Democratic Party said so Enrico Letta in the reply in the Direction to the Nazarene. “We have to dress the robes of the opposition, … Read more

There is a reason why my daughter doesn’t even know who Enrico Letta is :: Blog su Today

Share “But do you think Meloni knew she was going to win?” This is what my 13-year-old daughter asked me in the aftermath of politics. In answering, I paused to explain not only the meaning of the polls and electoral projections, but also some rudiments of political tactics. Then I stopped and thought what a … Read more