Anna Lewandowska exposes her legs in mini, but fans look at her face

Robert Lewandowski’s wife boasts a great figure, but because of her profession, no one is surprised. After all, she is professionally involved in nutrition and exercise. And it is a great advertisement for your own business. However, not everyone likes her current image. When Anna Lewandowska posted this photo on Instagram, one of the first … Read more

Anna Lewandowska in a Christmas edition. “Super positive photos”

Baking gingerbread cookies together and dancing are already a tradition. The fitness trainer will meet her friends just before Christmas Eve for several years. “Very positive photos”, “Beautiful” — Internet users comment. For this special occasion, she put on a red sweater and a red skirt. How do you like Ania in such a Christmas … Read more

Anna Lewandowska with an uncovered belly warms the Polish team to battle (PHOTOS)

Soon, the lion’s share of Poles will sit in front of TV sets to support the national team in football struggles at the World Cup in Football. Despite the defeat in the match against Argentina, Biało-Czerwony managed to advance to the 1/8 finals of this year’s World Cup. Some fans will devote themselves to cheering … Read more

Anna Lewandowska exposes the unknown truth. Nobody knew until now

Robert Lewandowski while the World Cup can count on the invaluable support of his wife. Anna left for Qatar before the match Mexico – Polandto be able to personally support my husband and his teammates in their inaugural meeting at the World Championships, and later – during the competition with Saudi Arabia and Argentina. Shortly … Read more

Anna Lewandowska in FIRE OF CRITICAL. It was about… promoting energy workers. IT’S NOW TRANSLATING!

Anna Lewandowska She has permanently entered the list of the richest Polish women prepared by the “Wprost” magazine. The celebrity built her impressive fortune on the basis of numerous businesses oscillating around a healthy lifestyle. Anna earns, among other things, from her own gym and fitness camps. He also sells supplements and healthy snacks signed … Read more

Anna Lewandowska responds sharply to Kaczyński. He’s talking about a miscarriage

A moment earlier to the words Jarosław Kaczyński was referred to by Ewa Chodakowska. A trainer from Sanok, who never hid that she did not plan to have children, also described her disgust in the words of the PiS president. Now, Robert Lewandowski’s wife remarked that she was outraged by unfair accusations against women. FC … Read more

Anna Lewandowska recalls her grandmother in All Saints: “As a child, I loved it when you took me on your lap …”

Anna Lewandowska has had an extremely intense time lately. The trainer moved with Robert to sunny Catalonia a few months ago, and now they are focusing, among other things, on strengthening new relationships. A joint photo with the players has recently appeared on the profile of “Lewa” FC Barcelona and their partners. So the photo … Read more

What EDUCATION do Polish WAGs have? Not only Anna Lewandowska has something to be proud of (PHOTOS)

Polish WAGs they have been finding a place for themselves on the pages of gossip websites for years. However, while their businesses or love of fashion are often mentioned, the education of women who stay with footballers is somewhat less often mentioned. It turns out that there are many beloved players who contributed to their … Read more

Anna Lewandowska presents Klara and Laura’s Spanish room: pink beds, fairy-tale illustrations and wicker furniture (PHOTOS)

Question. Just. Why is she and they all presenting us with everything? Rooms for Klara and the other one, some prams, dresses, birthday cake … What for? They don’t know us, we don’t know them, we don’t ask for these presentations, we don’t want them. We want to see something wise, interesting and noteworthy. And … Read more

Lewandowska poses for photos with Leo Messi’s wife. Other WAGs comment

Anna Lewandowska belongs to the group of the most recognizable partners and wives of footballers. The fitness trainer runs her own businesses, and more and more often appears on red carpets and world events. No wonder that her beloved Robert Lewandowski decided to go to Paris Fashion Week. The 34-year-old admired the latest designs of … Read more