For Vilnius, a warning about the LFF stadium: it is likely that a bus stop will appear there

Want to sell as soon as possible No matter how small, inconvenient and shabby, the LFF stadium was the only place for the two Vilnius football clubs competing in the A League and the national team for a decade. The latter will eventually move to Kaunas, but for “Žalgiris” and “Knights” such a maneuver would … Read more

“Žalgiris” advanced to the final of the LFF Cup only after winning overtime

The first goal was scored by Oliveris Buff at the end of the first half after Saulius Mikoliūnas passed from close range. Nemanja Ljubisavljevic’s own goal tied the game in extra time in the second half. However, in extra time, “Žalgiris” proved its superiority when Mathias Oyewusi scored. The final match of the LFF Cup … Read more

When politicians attack the LFF – A. Pukelis’s response: “We just need to start sending them into exile” | Sports

Parliamentarians submit a draft law for the autumn session of the Seimas. If passed, the leadership of the LFF would be removed. In this case, the LFF Executive Committee, President Tomas Danilevičius and General Secretary Edgaras Stankevičius would lose their powers. You can read more about the prepared draft law and the processes that will … Read more

“Žalgiris” made a fantastic save against “Knights” in the LFF Cup tournament

In the first half, the teams basically did not create anything dangerous. The game took place more in the middle of the field, the players of both teams did not spare each other, so the referees had a lot of work to do. Žalgiris players were distinguished only by a few sharp passes from the … Read more

In a dramatic ending, “Žalgiris” snatched victory in the quarterfinals of the LFF Cup

In the quarter-finals of the “Hegelmann LFF Cup” Žalgiris dramatically won the victory. 2:1 beat the Knights. The opponents took the lead from the 52nd minute when Gytis Paulauskas scored with a header. However, Renan, who scored two goals in extra time, changed the result in favor of Zalgiris. There were six changes in the … Read more

The law on direct management of LFF has already been prepared: if the Seimas decides, all current managers would lose their positions

The politician who heads the Budget and Finance Committee (BFK) claims that the first question was whether the management of the country’s football federation itself sees the need to change, taking into account the results. If the LFF does not demonstrate the desire for change, according to the parliamentarian, in the second stage the question … Read more

A. Valinskas and S. Malinauskas clashed over the LFF: new details in the bitter debate | Sports

At the beginning of the discussion, S. Malinauskas emphasized that, despite the increased budget, the results of football and the reputation of the federation have fallen to the bottom. “It has never happened that crime has come to football. There used to be connections, obscure stories, now there are people who are from organized crime. … Read more

A. Valinskas Jr. told his father about football: “To put it mildly, I was confused”

Friday on the portal 15min the former Speaker of the Seimas appeared Comment by A. Valinskasin which he criticizes the ambitions to reorganize the Seimas Management of Lithuanian football. On Sunday, the son of its author A. Valinskas, a member of the Seimas, A. Valinskas, who contributed to the initiative to change the management of … Read more

The deadline for LFF changes rang, Pukelis suggested to Kasčiūnas to sober up

On Wednesday, at the joint meeting of the Seimas Budget and Finance Committee and the Youth and Sports Affairs Commission, which was attended by the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) representatives, were it is proposed to introduce direct rule in the federation. Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee Mykolas Majauskas insists that this is a … Read more

The lottery brought Belarus: LFF does not want to play, appealed to FIFA and the Government Sports

Rockets flying from the territory of Belarus to Ukraine, killing peaceful Ukrainians, did not convince either FIFA or UEFA. Football chiefs have given the green light to a state carrying out military aggression in Ukraine alongside Russia. Both Russia and Belarus are on the sanctions list of most sports federations, but the different approach of … Read more