leak of news from Fdi, so the reports have become “non-existent” – Libero Quotidiano

Relations between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy would have cracked to the point of becoming “non-existent”. This is what is reported by Affaritaliani.it, which cites the party’s leading sources Giorgia Meloni according to which between the latter and Matteo Salvini there was no contact after what happened on the Rai board of directors. … Read more

what he won with a single ticket is a national record – Libero Quotidiano

A woman with an unknown identity made the blow of her life in front of everyone in a room in the Feltre station (Belluno) which also serves as a tobacconist and newsstand. The lucky customer bought three tickets for a total of 20 euros: the lucky one was the Maxi billionaire, which allowed her to … Read more

“Here’s what would happen to her in the Gaza Strip” – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti July 26, 2021 Dror Eydar, 54 years old, Israeli ambassador to Rome since September 2019, he is above all a humanist. He cites Dante ame moria and books on Roman history abound in his Capitoline residence, written in Hebrew, English and Italian. «Historically», he says, showing some of those ancient volumes, «the relations … Read more

contagions splash, the extreme decision of Joe Biden – Libero Quotidiano

The Delta variant coronavirus now keeps the whole world in check. The most dramatic news comes from Southeast Asia, with Indonesia a new global outbreak with over a thousand deaths every day. Infections are rising almost everywhere, with the exception of the United Kingdom which, after the peak of the last few weeks and the … Read more

“The minister never pays anyway” – Libero Quotidiano

Giovanni Sallusti July 27, 2021 We offer the reader a thought experiment. At the Lega party, the director of a center-right barricading newspaper yells into the microphone that Mario Draghi is “a son of a father” who “doesn’t understand shit”, amid the thunderous applause of the militants. Clear what would have happened, right? More or … Read more

“Vaccine? Everyone must choose according to their conscience” – Libero Quotidiano

July 26, 2021 The general Figliuolo visited the Nuvola Lavazza vaccination hub in Turin. “We move forward with the scientific evidence,” he said. “Virologists and scientific studies say that we must vaccinate. Everyone must choose according to their conscience, the vaccine is free, but by vaccinating ourselves we save our lives and those around us”, … Read more

reversal at the top of Catholic groups – Libero Quotidiano

Antonio Socci July 26, 2021 A decree of the Church is passing strangely in silence in the media which will have major consequences on ecclesial movements such as Communion and Liberation, the Neocatechumenal Way, the Focolare Movement, Renewal in the Spirit and others. But in this case it must be recognized that Pope Bergoglio really … Read more

Italy in avalanche, fifth medal – Libero Quotidiano

Italy does not stop and hits the Olympics of Tokyo 2020 the third bronze medal of the day, fifth overall counting the gold and silver of the debut. Thanks to Mirko Zanni, extraordinary third in weightlifting in the 67 kilos category. In front of the blue only the Chinese Chen and the Colombian Mosquera Lozano. … Read more

nausea and dizziness, the mysterious evil of diplomats. “Microwave attacks”, the new weapon of 007 – Libero Quotidiano

The “cold War” which has embassies as its theater and diplomats as its designated victims, was baptized “Havana syndrome”. The first cases were recorded in the Cuban capital. It was autumn 2016 and Obama had re-established diplomatic relations in the illusion of encouraging the regime’s “openings”. After a few months, he writes the day, a … Read more