📌 Euro funds allowing unconditional investment with an above average return: Life insurance guide

From 2% and more, without conditions of distribution in UA, it is practically finished in 2021! For savers with a secure investor profile, collecting 1.7% is obviously much better than collecting 2.5% and an obligation to pay at least 30% to 50% in units of account! The 2020 unit-linked returns are not that bright. Under … Read more

“When you have no other choice, you have to put two noses into life”

Encarna Salazar has an indecipherable gaze, the history of Spain gripped by her throat and the gaits of those who have stepped on the asphalt since she was very young. Every time he speaks, he puts music to his present continuous. Every time he sings, he recounts the memory of his past perfect. And every … Read more

The life of Oprah Winfrey will arrive in a documentary for Apple TV | THE IMPARTIAL

U.S.- Oprah Winfrey is one of the best-known celebrities in the United States, having stood out as a successful actress, producer, activist and businesswoman, as well as a television presenter. Faced with this remarkable career, Apple TV + is preparing a two-part documentary about his life. The project will narrate 25 years of American history … Read more

MIF Life Insurance, 2020 euro fund rate, published in 2021: Life Insurance News

MiFID: fund returns 2020 euros The rate of return of the euro MIF fund, provided by MIF, published in 2021, and used for the year 2020 is 1.700% (net of management fees, gross of social and tax deductions). MIF’s net yield stands at 1.41% net of social security contributions. The previous yield published in 2019 … Read more

UC Institute of Music – UC Academic Quartet in the Summer Cycle: “We bring the comfort of Haydn and the bustling life of Beethoven”

The UC Academic Quartet will perform on Thursday, January 21. “Playing again is a renaissance for us,” says cellist Alejandro Tagle. Photo: IMUC. The resident ensemble of the UC Institute of Music will contrast the famous quartet on Thursday, January 21 The lark by Haydn with an early Beethoven quartet, at the close of the … Read more

Of life as a work of art

For a long time we had the intention of opening a new tab to share art topics, understood in its broadest sense – ‘everythig and more’-: you know, in DE we just like … everything. Well today we release it: ART. The graphic content will be the protagonist, accompanied by short and simple texts, unpretentious … Read more

Peter Mark Richman, actor of “Dynasty” and “Sensation of life” dies

Play series Madrid Updated:01/15/2021 10:09h save Related news In more than five hundred television series he acted Peter Mark Richman, a film, television and theater actor who has died of natural causes at the age of 93, according to «Deadline». He was married and had five children. Although he was going to become a pharmacist … Read more

How many years your life shortens excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Foto: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP / Getty Images The people that drink too much alcohol and with more frequency increase risks to health, disability and they can shorten your life by years. The health effects of alcohol interfere with various factors, including … Read more

How do messenger RNA vaccines work against coronavirus?

Before unraveling the keys to the vaccine against COVID-19, we must stop at a couple of biological concepts. For starters, remember that the information in our cells is encoded in the DNA of the nucleus, a true biological fortress surrounded by a lipid membrane. From there the information is transferred to RNA -transcription- and is … Read more