Specialist warns of cervical cancer

While 3 thousand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually in Turkey, approximately 1,500 women die from this disease. Since January is designated as ‘Cervical Cancer Awareness Month’ every year, many studies are carried out to draw attention to this issue and to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis. Opr. Opr. Dr. Sincere Case Bafalı … Read more

Can we still take out 100% guaranteed life insurance today?

If insurers have massively closed the doors to their guaranteed euro funds, savers looking for security for their capital are not completely helpless. There are still, in fact, some companies – and especially mutuals – which do not limit access to this guaranteed compartment and continue to authorize investments in it, provided that they are … Read more

Keanu Reeves says he’s had two autographs in his life, one of which said ‘go chi**’

Keanu Reeves is obviously not one to collect autographs, he who revealed a few days ago on the set of Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he had only asked for two so far in his life. • Read also: Cyberpunk 2077: Keanu Reeves reacts … positively to the mod which allowed to have sex … Read more

They publish the last PHOTO with life of the actor Octavio Ocaña

Bertha Ocana, sister of Octavio Ocana, was the one who spread the last Photo of the actor still alive and in her company. The young woman wrote tender message where he told how was the last day he saw his brother before his unexpected death. In the caption, she explains that it was her birthday, … Read more

the life in brackets of “deprogrammed” patients

Sylvie was looking forward to January 14. That day, she had to go to the Forez hospital, in Montbrison (Loire), for an intervention. “Not a vital intervention, she clarifies straight away. They had to remove material from my ankle, plates and screws that were implanted in me following a fracture of both malleolus. » At … Read more

priyanka-chopra-says-vijay-was-one-of-the-first-few-influences-in-my-life | ‘Vijay was one of the first influencers in his life’; Priyanka Chopra

photo:social media After the success of Miss World, Priyanka Chopra made her film debut with ‘Tamilan’. Priyanka is now open minded about Vijay who was the hero in the film. Priyanka said that Vijay was one of the first influencers in her life. The star’s response was in an interview with Vanity Fair. Priyanka’s words; … Read more

Paulo Vintém is in mourning: “A new life is coming. She will also know about you”

Paulo Vintém lost one of the great references of his life: his grandfather. To remember him, the musician wrote this Saturday, January 15, a beautiful dedication in his instagram page. “My grandfather… You are already close to your grandmother as you wanted so much. It no longer made sense to miss that Greater Love that … Read more

Announces Being a Sponsor of the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL), Greenfields Invites the Community to “Live Your Best Life”

Greenfields Indonesia Announces Being a Sponsor of the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL), Greenfields Invites the Community to “Live Your Best Life” SajianSedap.com – Entering the new year, many of us have the desire to improve ourselves physically and mentally. In Latin, there is an expression “men sana in corpore sano”, which means we must take … Read more

World fame, failures in personal life and dreams of love: the insidious fate of Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Tamara Gverdtsiteli can rightfully be considered a living pop legend. On January 18, the Soviet, Georgian and Russian artist celebrates her 60th birthday. On the anniversary of Tamara Mikhailovna, we remember her difficult path, full of both ups and downs. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: The future artist was born in 1962 in Tbilisi … Read more

Prince Harry fears for his life in England | Showbiz 123

By: William Guzman P. Prince Harry fears for his life and that of his family in England. That is why he has requested a judicial review against a decision made by the Ministry of the Interior that prevents you from personally funding an official security device to watch over both him and his family when … Read more