C.Ronaldo’s life in Saudi Arabia: private shopping, luxury hotels and chants L.Messi

One of the best football players in the world has moved to Saudi Arabia Cristiano Ronaldo was welcomed very hospitably, but very soon the football player encountered not so happy moments. C.Ronaldo lost 1:3 with “All Nasr” in the semi-finals of the Super Cup and withdrew from the matches of this tournament, C.Ronaldo was mocked … Read more

The Last of US – What would Joel and Ellie look like in real life according to AI? The characters are impressive

What will come out of combining different technologies and services? Certainly something interesting, as in this case. The Last of Us series was based on the game, and now we decided to ask the artificial intelligence what the characters would look like in reality. Check out the effects. Table of Contents The Last of Us … Read more

NESDB opens ‘Brain Conservation Clinic’ to increase quality of life for ‘elderly’, taking care of ‘drug patients’ rehabilitation

Borommaratchachonnani National Drug Addicts Treatment and Rehabilitation Institute (NIDA), Department of Medical Services, established the “Brain Conservation Clinic” to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and drug and substance abuse patients. Providing migraine treatment services Other headaches, pain, weakness, memory problems, epilepsy Dr. Manus Phothaporn, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, … Read more

– Please, this is about life – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– I think they need to think before they speak, says the Ukrainian ski jumper Vitaly Kalinichenko om IOC On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) shared a statement in which they claim that the “vast majority” of athlete representatives want Russia and Belarus to return to international competitions. It has caused strong reactions, and … Read more

A biker who likes beer. How is the life of the new president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel

“I’m not gay, but even as a man I like him a lot” – such an anonymous comment can be read on the website “Reddit”, where the newly elected leader of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, is being discussed. The 61-year-old man is now stately, handsome and likable not only to Czech ladies. The retired … Read more

Diet, change of diet or fasting: The simplest weight loss method for over 50 | life & knowledge

A piece of birthday cake here, a (too) large ladle of potato salad at a barbecue with the neighbors… In everyday life we ​​like to eat one or two more portions than we need. The portions eaten in excess are quickly deposited on the hips in the form of fat deposits. Especially in old age, … Read more

Rilmenidine, a medicine for hypertension, extends life

Researchers at the University of Liverpool (UK) have discovered that a medicine, the active principles of Rilmenidinecurrently used to treat hypertensioncan extend life and delay aging. The results, published in the scientific journal Aging Cellshow that animals treated with Rilmenidinewhich is currently used to treat hypertension, at early and older ages increases life expectancy and … Read more

Horror Train and Cat Life: Eight Indie Games for the New Year – Indie Games

The year is still young, and yet there are already fresh indie games – and a few that appeared at the end of last year and fell victim to the traditional annual leaderboards in the hectic end-of-year sprint. In return, they’re now getting the attention they deserve when the traditional gaming lull is at its … Read more

The accountant’s life was turned upside down by an accident, and she also had to be disappointed in the compensation from the Social Insurance Institution

Anikó, now 51, was about to turn into a gas station in April 2020, when an accident ruined her life forever. She and her husband thought that the compulsory insurance of the truck that rammed into her car from behind would cover all their damages, but the KGFB insurance company has so far not been … Read more

CATCH-UP SESSION week 05-2023 (free access) The life of watches and watchmakers as January ends in Pluviôse

❑❑❑❑ ROLEX : how myopic lawyers from the brand to the crown take low-end clocks for high-end watches (Business Watches of January 28 free access and Business Watches of January 25) ❑❑❑❑ SWATCH GROUP (TITANICK) : Nick Hayek’s fuming on his perilous and colossal “safety stocks” (Business Watches of January 28 free access and Business … Read more