Nutritionists Give Tips to Prevent Stunting and Obesity in Toddlers : Okezone Lifestyle

GURU Major in Nutrition Science, FEMA IPB, Prof. dr. Hardiansyah said stunting and obesity in children under five were still the main problems faced by the government. Because this nutritional problem has an impact on the nation’s future generations. In the Media Gathering for the 62nd National Nutrition Day ‘Joint Action to Prevent Stunting and … Read more

More school fruit and a healthier lifestyle, Arnhem continues with JOGG

JOGG is a network of municipalities, social organizations and companies that are committed to making the environment of children and young people healthier. ‘Healthy living starts in childhood’, says Van der Zee. ‘It is precisely in those early years that it is important to learn and experience what a healthy lifestyle is. That healthy food … Read more

When to see Moon Knight, the new Marvel series on Disney Plus: trailer

Moon Knight is the new action-adventure series created for Disney Plus, starring Oscar Isaac and directed by Mohamed Diab. It centers on Marc Spector, a complex vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. The multiple identities that live inside are different characters that appear in an environment with Egyptian iconography. This Monday the premiere date … Read more

The Ministry of Health launches a project to operate the SABIC Specialized Hospital for Mental Health

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the National Center for Privatization, announced the start of the stage of expressing desires for the medical and non-medical operation and maintenance project of the SABIC Specialized Mental Health Hospital, which is located in the Narjis district, north of Riyadh, in the second health cluster in Riyadh. The … Read more

Stepping into a new era, Birkenstock releases a new pair of shoes, unboxing. with new color tones to please the streets – Post Today work-life-balance

Stepping into a new era, Birkenstock releases a new pair of shoes, unboxing. with new color tones to please the streets Date 18 Jan 2022 time 08:30 Get Ready to Your New Year with Birkenstock Surprise the new year with the latest sneakers from the brand Birkenstock, including new, unboxed models. and popular shoes that … Read more

Get to know 3 Covid-19 Vaccine Technologies, mRNA to Vector : Okezone Lifestyle

GOVERNMENT start giving booster vaccine for people aged 18 years and over, with vaccine priority given to the elderly. There are 5 vaccines that are used as boosters, namely CoronaVac or Covid-19 Vaccine Bio Farma, Comirnaty from Pfizer, Vaxzevria and Kconecavac from AstraZeneca, Moderna and Zifivax. The Covid-19 booster vaccine is expected to prevent you … Read more

Is it true that PCR can’t tell the difference between Covid-19 and Influenza? : Okezone Lifestyle

in circulation information on social media Twitter that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recognizes the Polymerase Chain Reaction (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test.PCR) unable to distinguish Covid-19 with influenza. Summarizing from the official website of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, @dinkesdki, Monday (17/1/2022), the fact is that the information circulating on … Read more

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Luxury Lifestyle, Party With 150 Models and Cruise Ship Rp7 T

His lifestyle is much different from life in Saudi Arabia which has been very conventional and orthodox. No wonder he is considered full of controversy. Likewise with his life which is really super luxurious. Just imagine, prince Saudi Arabia he once vacationed with 150 models on a private island, to buy a yacht worth trillions … Read more

5 Bad Habits That Cause Cholesterol Rises, Duh Less! : Okezone Lifestyle

CHOLESTEROL Evil that rises can be a trigger for various diseases that endanger health. The problem is, high cholesterol has no symptoms, so many people don’t realize it before having a blood test. Increased cholesterol is triggered by unhealthy habits. Summarizing from Eat This, Sunday (16/1/2022), the following are habits that can increase cholesterol levels. … Read more

how much does coffee at a bar cost in Italy

In Italy, breakfast at the bar risks becoming a “case”, due to the patchy increases in the prices of coffee, cappuccino and croissants at the bars of the peninsula, reported by Assoutenti. Expensive-breakfast: Assoutenti’s complaint Assoutenti, an association that deals with protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of consumers, in particular of users of public … Read more