In England, most restrictions on Covid-19 will be lifted :: Daily Business

On weekends, people will not be able to shop in the convenience stores operating in supermarkets without a Covid-19 certificate, thus creating stricter restrictions for retailers than during the curfew. The Latvian Traders’ Association (LTA) makes this conclusion when evaluating the amendments to the order declaring a state of emergency approved at the Cabinet meeting … Read more

State of emergency lifted in Kazakhstan / Article

Kazakh President Kasim Zhomart Tokayev has confirmed that the country’s constitutional order has been restored, life is returning to normal, and the end of the state of emergency has also lifted the curfew and other restrictions that have been in force for the past two weeks. The last so-called Russian peacekeepers left Almaty for Moscow … Read more

Jordan – “Netflix” raises its prices | MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN– Alghad Newspaper) Netflix has raised its monthly subscription price plans in the US to $10 a month instead of $9 for a plan that doesn’t include HD. While the price of the 4K plan increased to $20 per month from $18. As for the company’s standard plan, it rose from $14 to $15.5 a … Read more

The Atalanta vs Inter Milan match was so exciting, Napoli lifted the hat

Napoli’s official account on Twitter congratulated Atalanta and Inter Milan after their second match presented tense entertainment. ( INDOSPORT.COM – Match week 22 between Atalanta vs Inter Milan on Monday (17/01/22) early this morning, you could say he was the best candidate for the match Italian League 2021/2022. Even though it ended in a goalless … Read more

Those who cooked chicken by pouring cold syrup on chicken raised the experts: It kills

With the arrival of the winter months, there has been a serious increase in the cases of other flu infections, especially the coronavirus. Especially many people with severe cold cough shared the new method they found on social media. THEY SPILLED COLD SYRUP ON THE CHICKEN In the videos shared on social media, it was … Read more

Coal Export Ban Lifted, Rupiah Semringah to Rp14,304

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Exchange rates rupiah is in the position of Rp. 14,304 per dollar AS in market trading spot on Tuesday (11/1) afternoon. Garuda currency This rose 5 points or 0.04 percent from the previous, which was Rp. 14,304 per US dollar. Meanwhile, the Bank Indonesia (BI) Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) … Read more

The James Webb Telescope successfully lifted off to observe the origins of the universe

The James Webb Space Telescope, a revolution in observing the universe that astronomers around the world have been waiting for thirty years, successfully took off on Saturday at 12:20 GMT aboard an Ariane 5 rocket, and will stand at 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. “Good Webb telescope separation, Go Webb”, announced Jean-Luc Voyer from the … Read more

The government is considering an indicator of when restrictions on people without a passport would be lifted

This is provided for in the proposals registered last week to change the Government Resolution on the Emergency. The draft stipulates that the government, depending on the epidemiological situation, will “repeal or replace the measures in place with more than 300 coronavirus patients being hospitalized on any day in a calendar week. The document also … Read more

Covid: Austria, restrictions for vaccinated people lifted – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, 12 DEC – Austria has put an end to the restrictions imposed three weeks ago also on people vaccinated in most of the country to fight a new increase in coronavirus infections, in the face of the return to a decreasing epidemic trend . The Guardian reports, stating that the unvaccinated will … Read more

Charlene of Monaco indecipherable, the mystery lifted by Stéphanie of Monaco, her pillar

Charlene of Monaco would not be understood by some members of her entourage. It would be mysterious. The only one who would understand her is obviously her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco, but also her sister-in-law, Stéphanie of Monaco. A close friend of the Monegasque first lady spoke to the New York Post, which devoted … Read more