Pacitan Lifter Luluk Wins Gold at World Championships in Mexico, PACITAN – Lifter from Punung District, Pacitan Regency, East Java, Luluk Diana Tri Wijayana successful in becoming a champion and winning gold in the event International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Youth World Championship 2022 in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, Monday local time, or Tuesday morning WIB (14/6/2022). In the championship which was attended by 205 lifters … Read more

Lifter Nurul Akmal: I won the Olympics, the SEA Games, not even a single congratulation page all

NORTH – Lifter from the District North AcehProvince, Nurul Akmal |complained about the lack of attention from the North Aceh District Government, where he was born and raised. Nurul was born and raised in Serba Jaman Tunong Village, Tanah Luas District, North Aceh Regency. This 33-year-old girl is the fruit of love from the … Read more

The chin lifter and the son of a boxing legend went to the ground of KO, he was taken down by an electrician who has a box as a brigade

When you are the son of a legendary boxer Evandera Holyfielda and you decide to follow in your dad’s footsteps, it is clear that you will be under scrutiny. The 24-year-old Evan has been successful so far and has gradually built a pleasing balance among professionals. According to all assumptions, he was supposed to add … Read more

Again, Rizki Juniansyah’s Lifter Breaks the World Record!

Jakarta – Indonesian men’s lifters, Rizki Juniansyah won three gold medals and won the junior world title in the 73 kg class at the IWF Junior World Championship (JWC) in Heraklios, Greece, Friday (6/5/2022) WIB. Not only won the world title, the lifter from Banten also managed to sharpen the world record in the snatch … Read more

Rahmat Erwin World Weightlifting Champion, Indonesian Flag Does Not Fly

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indonesian lifter Rahmat Erwin Abdullah became world champion after winning two gold medals at the World Championships Lift the Iron 2021 men’s 73kg class which will take place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Friday (10/12) evening WIB. But unfortunately, the Indonesian flag could not fly during the championship celebration. In the clean and … Read more

Lifter Rahmat Erwin World Champion, Red-White Flag Doesn’t Fly

Jakarta – Rahmat Erwin Abdullah smell good again Indonesia. He won 2 gold at the 2021 Weightlifting World Championships, the Red-White flag was not flown. Appearing in the 73 kilogram class, Rahmat Erwin won 2 gold from the Clean & Jerk class and the Total Force. In the snatch class he failed to win a … Read more

Reaching a Total Force of 215 Kg, This Central Java Lifter Wins a Gold Medal and Breaks the PON Record : Okezone Sports

JAYAPURA – Lifter from Central Java, Diah Ayu successfully brought home a gold medal in the women’s 76 kg weightlifting sport PON XX Papua 2021 on Friday (8/10/2021). Amazingly, Diah Ayu also managed to break a new record in the clean & jerk class with a total lift of 120 kg. Reported from the official … Read more

Indonesian Teen Lifter Wins Gold & Breaks World Record in Jeddah

Jakarta – Indonesian teen lifter Satrio Adi Nugroho won a gold medal for the snatch force and broke the world record in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday (6/10) local time. The record Satrio broke it in the 55 kg class with the best snatch force of 111 kg. Satrio, who is the second-tier lifter of the … Read more