79,000 euros saved in five months: in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, the extinction of public lighting during the night will be extended

Faced with rising energy costs, during the autumn, 164 Walloon municipalities decided to cut off public lighting. We are now 5 months later. It’s time for a first assessment which is very positive in places. In particular in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, in the province of Namur, where the test is so conclusive that the measure will be … Read more

Public lighting switched off at night: Walloon municipalities invited to reposition themselves

The first is to simply extending the extinction of streetlights 7 days a week from midnight, this is what Ciney, Namur or many municipalities in Walloon Brabant such as Beauvechain will do for example. “Since we turn off the streetlights at night, we haven’t had more accidents or thefts”notes the mayor Carole Ghiot. “So there … Read more

Will the municipalities of Mons-Borinage turn on the public lighting in their streets? Discover the decision of your entity

Following the explosion in the cost of energy, in November 2022, many Walloon municipalities took the decision to cut off public lighting at night. This measure, which had been advised by Ores, is applicable until March 31. As a result, the municipalities must once again position themselves. Should public lighting be turned back on or … Read more

[미리보는 LED EXPO 2016] Leto Design to introduce socket-type OLED lighting |

Leto Design (CEO Jae-Sung Koh) will participate in ‘The 14th International LED & OLED EXPO 2016’ held at KINTEX, Ilsan for 4 days from June 22 (Wed) to 25 (Sat) and showcase socket type OLED lighting. am. Socket-type OLED lighting has the advantage that anyone can easily use OLED lighting in the current lighting environment … Read more

CEO / 5th District: Olivier Nang Ekomiye offers more than 50 streetlights for public lighting to the populations of the 2nd seat – GABONEWS

CEO / 5th District: Olivier Nang Ekomiye offers more than 50 streetlights for public lighting to the populations of the 2nd seat March 11, 2023 The member of the government Olivier Abel Nang Ekomiye, also a member of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) in the 2nd seat of the 5th district of the commune of … Read more

The wrong workplace is a knife to productivity and health: mistakes start with lighting, but they don’t end there

In recent years, many employees have had to try working from home, and for some of them, this way of working is more acceptable to this day. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a workroom at home and there is no shortage of cases when work is done at the kitchen table or … Read more

Mons en Mieux wants to turn on public lighting at night: “The joke has gone on long enough!”

Since November 1st and until March 31st, public lighting has been switched off in all 11 municipalities of Mons-Borinage, between midnight and five o’clock in the morning. Taken for the sake of economy, the measure had aroused many reactions, both among citizens and in political ranks, some elected officials deeming it unnecessary. The debate will … Read more

West Jakarta Sudinkes shares tips to avoid TB with sufficient lighting

a clean environment and the food consumed is also a determining factor Jakarta (ANTARA) – The West Jakarta Health Sub-agency (Jakbar Sudinkes) shared tips on how to avoid tuberculosis (TB) by getting natural lighting and sufficient air circulation when indoors. “Circulation and light are very influential. Because the TB virus will die if exposed to … Read more