An electric car that won’t need to be charged for months: how the developers of the Lightyear One are doing

The developers of the Lightyear One have revealed that a solar-powered electric car is currently being tested. The initial test results are just great – it looks like its batteries won’t need to be recharged for months. How can that be? Well, calculations show that 83 Wh is enough energy per kilometer for the ultra-aerodynamic … Read more

The curious theory around the Lightyear trailer

Screenshot: Disney Yesterday I saw the the Buzz Lightyear trailer and I must confess that my reaction was exactly that of the Joey Tribbiani meme on Friends. Apparently I am not the only one. The trailer for the new Pixar movie has created a time paradox that is causing many fans to crack their heads … Read more

the trailer for the new Pixar movie about Buzz Lightyear

Disney releases trailer for Buzz Lightyear movie 0:54 (CNN) — Summer 2022 will be the summer of millennial nostalgia. Disney and Pixar released the new trailer for “Lightyear“With Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, the film will tell the story of the” real “person behind the iconic toy and character that appears in … Read more

Starter Lightyear promises an electric car that many won’t even need to charge

Dutch start-up Lightyear has raised $ 110 million in investment. And this is not the end. Lightyear promises to offer a special electric car to the market. Lightyear One. Manufacturer’s photo Lightyear was born at the University of Eindhoven, where a team of young engineers competed in solar-powered car competitions. Then, one after another, several … Read more