Lina Tejeiro explained why Mateo Carvajal says that she is one more friend

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Lina Tejeiro boasts the results of her exercise after the extraction of biopolymers – E! Online Latino

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Series: Who was Lina Marulanda? The sad story of the Colombian model

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Heartbreaking letter written by Lina Marulanda before her death goes viral on networks

The presenter, Lina Marulanda, ended her life April 22, 2010 after throwing himself from the window of his apartment. More than 10 years ago, the world of entertainment was in mourning, after the woman of 29 years old was the protagonist of an unfortunate event. In the last hours, several media revived sections of an … Read more

Celebrities: Betty, la fea: the last moments of Lina Marulanda Cuartas

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Not a massage therapist, this is the profession of Teddy, the husband of the late Lina Jubaidah

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Lina Maria Marulanda Cuartas, or simply Lina Marulanda, was a Colombian actress and model, who from a very young age showed that she had a very promising future ahead of her, when at age 12 she went up to the catwalks of Medellín for the first time and when at 19, she joined the cast … Read more

“We will learn more about immunity through vaccination”, judges virologist Bruno Lina

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Statement by Lina Moreno after the Court’s decision against Álvaro Uribe – Political Parties – Politics

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Fame: Lina Marulanda, Betty’s model, the ugly one who took her own life 1 ago

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