Linda Evangelista demands $ 50 million from the clinic for unsuccessful procedures

The star of the 90s, the legendary top model who dazzled with her beauty. At some point, she just stopped showing in public. And now it became known why – the Evangelist herself revealed her secret. Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Christie, Tatiana and Linda. Each of their appearance on the podium became an event. Style icons, … Read more

A world-class model who suddenly disappeared, confessed to body deformity due to side effects of plastic surgery

Here is Linda Evangelista’s Instagram Canadian model Linda Evangelista, who was very popular with Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford in the 1980s, confessed why she suddenly stopped working. Evangelista said on the 23rd (Korean time) that her Instagram“The truth. My story,” he posted a picture with a long sentence. He said that the reason he … Read more

“Disfigured” by aesthetic care, a top model claims 50 million dollars in compensation

She said this week to have been “irreparably disfigured” by a cosmetic treatment that went wrong five years ago, in a message to her more than 980,000 subscribers on Instagram. Supposed to be slimming, Zeltiq’s “CoolSculpting” treatment had the opposite effect of multiplying his fat cells, thus modifying his face. It uses the technique of … Read more

Cosmetic surgeries leave model Linda Evangelista ″ brutally disfigured ″ | The World | DW

Supermodel Linda Evangelista, 56, is “unrecognizable” after being “brutally disfigured” as a result of cosmetic medical treatment, as she explains herself on her Instagram account. Linda Evangelista denounces having been “permanently deformed” after the cryolipolysis (an intervention to reduce fat) to which she underwent had the opposite effect, she explains in a statement entitled “The … Read more