BoIS point king Jesper Lindén is suspended after a tackle * Remorseful: “It was unnecessary and stupid” * Misses the next two quarter-finals

tis 21 mar 13:53 Heavy interruption for Mariestad in the quarter-final series. The score king Jesper Lindén is suspended for the next two matches. – I got a little wrong and the tackle went wrong. I regretted it right after. It was unnecessary and stupid, he tells Mariestads-Tidningen. * Expressen also broadcasts the entire playoffs … Read more

Don’t forget about herbal tea, don’t be in your health! ‘Multi-herbal teas cause negative effects’

class=”cf”> Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world, especially in our country. Herbal teas have also gained a lot of popularity recently. In addition to this, we started to see news such as ‘He drank slimming tea, he died’, ‘Drank herbal tea, he was hospitalized’. One of the striking examples … Read more

Those who see the price of linden, see the benefits of rosehip and run to herbalists to buy it! 5 amazing benefits of rose hips…

The benefits of rose hips go far beyond what you can imagine. These false fruits of wild rose plants are used in traditional medicine and their benefits have been extensively studied. From boosting digestion to aiding blood circulation, discover how rosehip can support your health. Medicinal plants found in nature have become popular both in … Read more

We have been consuming linden wrong for years! – Health News

Linden, which is indispensable for the winter months, continues to be preferred for health, despite the fact that it burns the pocket of the consumer. While the kilogram price of linden flowers was 500 TL last year, it has increased to 600 TL this year. Stating that drinking linden is important not only for the … Read more