Prince Edward snatches title of duke over Princess Charlotte? “Charles wants to honor the line of succession” | royalty

After the death of Prince Philip, the title of Duke of Edinburgh passed to Charles, but now that the late Queen Elizabeth’s son has become king, the title is free again. It was then expected that Prince Edward would take over the title, but so far nothing has happened. Something that now also seems to … Read more

The parliamentary demarcation line between the continuation of the presidential sessions or the circumstantial suspension

It seems that the auspicious week will mark the boundary between the continuation of the sessions to elect the President of the Republic at the same formal and routine pace that marked the previous seven sessions held by the House of Representatives, or the circumstantial cessation of the invitations that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri sends … Read more

Announcer interrupts narration and loses the line with Croatian fans

During Croatia vs Canada match, the official broadcast focused on two female fans climbing the steps of the stands at the Khalifa International Stadium. However, attention was drawn to the way in which a narrator reacted to the image. The commentator stopped talking about the game to make comments with a libidinous tone at the … Read more

Mammoth Smart Search LINE Robot: A must-have helper for old drivers to find movies – Computer King Ada

In the dead of night, want to find a video to “relax”, but don’t know where to find good videos or works of actresses? Now, as long as you use a LINE robot, you only need to enter simple keywords and it will automatically list related videos for you! This is a must-have video search … Read more

Water was cut off in Sheraton and 16 major areas due to a broken water line

announced Cairo Drinking Water CompanyWater cut off from the areas (the entire Sheraton – the Arab Forum – the Military College – the Suez Road – the administrative control – the golf land of Nasr City – Ramo Residences – the Supply and Supply Residences – Rabaa Investment – ​​Al Tawfiq Housing – City Stars … Read more

The ‘powder keg’ Middle East is unusual… Turkiye, Kurdish bombing-Israel line terrorism explosion

Turkiye “Review of ground troops input” Israel tensions over hard-right right-leaning re-election Turkiye (Turkey) bombed targets related to Kurdish separatist militants in Syria and Iraq en masse, and even announced the deployment of ground troops. Tensions are rising throughout the Middle East, with explosions presumed to be terrorist attacks in Israel and Syria. According to … Read more

Tweaked Laluna Unique poses with twin similar friends. Fans: “FROM ONE PRODUCTION LINE” (PHOTO)

Laluna Unique is one of the most colorful characters of the “Queens of Life” program. Kasia, because her real name is a woman, can boast of a large group of fans. She already follows her instagram profile almost 450,000 people. It is in social media that the TTV star reports subsequent visits to Turkish clinics … Read more

(Rumour) Apple production line reveals the volume up and down buttons, the power button of the iPhone 15 Pro is solid state, not protruding as before.

Barclays reports Apple product lines. iPhone 15 Pro Will use the volume up-down button, the Power button is a Solid State type, a button that is embedded or flat with the machine, not convex. The iPhone 15 Pro may not have a side button. The report comes from Cirrus Logic, one of the suppliers for … Read more