Listen, the Ministry of Health Shares Tips to Prevent DHF in the Middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – Entering the rainy season, disease dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) began to stalk the community. Without realizing it, this disease still appears in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently the focus of society. Therefore, the public is asked to increase awareness of the threat of various diseases, especially dengue fever. … Read more

More than 5300 students in home quarantine. Hannelore Goeman (Vooruit) argues for a thorough ventilation policy – Listen Select

Between September 1 and 12, more than 5,300 students were placed in home quarantine due to a corona infection at school. Are the rules too strict? “If we were to relax the rules for quarantine now, we would have to reconsider, together with experts, what additional measures are needed to limit the risk of infection … Read more

Listen – the title song of the new LTV series “Project: Divorce” has been published

The long series of 10 series was shot in 23 days – working expeditiously and intensively on the field and behind the scenes. Behind the scenes of filming the series “Project: Divorce” +12 See more Director Linda Olte’s “Project: Divorce” is her debut in the series genre. She has assembled a strong team of actors … Read more

Norwegian jumper Tande will present himself in the race half a year after the fall in Planica

Norwegian ski jumper Daniel-André Tande returns to the races half a year after a terrible fall in Planica “At home in Oslo, it’s the right place for a comeback. I’m curious what my best jumps will be enough for. It’s great to start again,” said Tande, who has one individual and three team gold … Read more

Marleen Temmerman: “In Kenya barely 5 to 10 percent is vaccinated, there is no stock” – Listen Select

While the discussion is raging here about the sense and nonsense of a third jab, on the other side of the world there is a shortage of vaccines. “Covid is a global problem, we can only be safe together if everyone is safe and vaccinated” Marleen Temmerman responds in ‘De Morgen’. “As long as countries … Read more

Where does the dirty skin on your tea come from? – Listen Select

An ancient mystery has been solved: where does the dirty skin on your cup of tea come from? Dirk Van Dyck, professor of physics at the University of Antwerp explains. “The Food Nutrition group, from the Health Sciences department of ETA Zurich, has thoroughly investigated this,” says Van Dyck. “The phenols from fruits and vegetables, … Read more

Listen Come on! How to Anticipate the Risk of Comorbidities by Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

IDXChannel – As a transition step towards coexistence with Covid-19, the government invites all people, including those who have comorbid to always keep the style healthy life, discipline to wear masks, and complete vaccinations and implement health protocols. In fact, currently maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important anticipatory step to reduce the risk … Read more

It’s not time to go to class just to listen to lectures

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbudristek) Nadiem Makarim states the learning model with students only listening to the teacher or lecturer explaining in class, is no longer relevant in today’s era. “It’s no longer a time for us to enter into situations and go back to school face-to-face, only … Read more

listen to “You remind me of someone”, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman

Crdits photo : Eric Vernazobres / Bestimage 25 years after his beginnings, Patrick Fiori continues his beautiful love story with the French public. And the latter does it well: released last October, his last album “Un air de famille” started out as first place in the physical and digital Top Albums and is now certified … Read more

Tiken Jah Fakoly: “Guineans must not listen to ECOWAS (…) Alpha Condé must be tried before the ICC”

In “Mirador”, from Fim fm radio, Tiken Jah wanted Alpha Condé to be tried in order to explain the death of the demonstrators under his regime and above all to serve as an example. Ivorian singer Tiken Jah Fakoly did not remain silent on Guinea’s coup. A former ally of Alpha Condé, he wanted the … Read more