‘Quasi-entrepreneurs’ see opportunities and challenges in franchising

In 2020, Kelly Jackson and Davina Arceneaux wanted to quit their jobs at the company and become business owners. They were looking for something COVID-proof and recession-resistant. Instead of coming out from under a corporate umbrella entirely, they considered franchising. Both were concerned about the notoriously razor-thin margins in restaurants. They considered a drug testing … Read more

Vaccines against cancer, a path of study in full development

Vaccines based on messenger RNA have helped put a stop to covid-19, a technology that, however, was initially conceived to try to develop cancer vaccines, a fertile field of research thanks to better knowledge of the immune system and technical developments. The head of the H120 lung cancer clinical research unit of the Spanish National … Read more

They capture the farthest known star in the universe

The Space Telescope James Webb have glimpsed the most distant star known in the universerevealed just a few months ago by Webb’s predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope. The star, named Earendel, after a JRR Tolkien character in The Lord of the Rings prequel ‘The Silmarillion’, was initially discovered thanks to gravitational lensing in a deep-field … Read more

The iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers will have an alternative version for the AOD system

The future iPhone 14 Pro, which will integrate the always-on screen system, will have alternative versions of its wallpapers so that the terminal consumes less energy during its lockdown. This display mode, known as Always On Display (AOD), allows you to keep the screen constantly active to show some data, such as the date, time, … Read more

Dominican deputies came to propose that Raúl de Molina be declared persona non grata

Santo Domingo. DR Two decades ago, Raúl de Molina was the center of a controversy with the Dominicans, who reacted uncomfortably as they did since Sunday rudeness to the urban singer La Materialista. That time, in 2003, beauty queen Amelia Vega y baseball player Sammy Sosa were at the center of a controversy, in which … Read more

The Dominican State could be ordered to pay US$10 million for annulling the contract between Inposdom and Mía Cargo

A court in the Southern District of Florida, United States, warned the Dominican State that it could be sentenced to pay 10 million dollars for unilateral termination of the contract between the Dominican Postal Institute (Inposdom) and the company Mía Cargo Group. The CEO of Mía Cargo, Diego Vestillero and his lawyer Stewart Wiliams reported … Read more

Dominican who participates in the James Webb mission and describes images as “Super fascinating”

The most important mission to date of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has achieved a milestone: capture the deepest images of the universe. Stars and dust were frozen in the first public pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope. In the teams there is a Dominican who since 2014 he has worked for … Read more

Approach – Unusual movements in the exchange rate

Assessing the health of an economy is always a complicated task, as there are many indicators to observe and their interpretation requires various theories and economic models. Faced with so much complexity, people tend to choose a variable that will serve as a thermometerbeing the exchange rate one of the most popular. In our country, … Read more

He did it! The Alfa fills the Olympic Stadium to pure dembow

With a little over three hours on stage, some 31 songs and 15 guests, as if it were a festival, the alpha he achieved the feat of filling the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium, becoming the first Dominican urban artist to do so. A pure dembow vibrated the Olympic Stadium on Saturday night, where the followers … Read more

Delta orders 100 Boeing 737 MAX for $13.5 billion

US airline Delta announced on Monday that it had placed a firm order for 100 Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK. The order, according to the MAX 10 catalog, represents an amount of 13.5 billion dollars and it is a boost of confidence for this device, which was … Read more