Meghan Markle suffered death threats in the UK

The head of the anti-terrorism division of the British police, Neil Basu, assured that the former American actress Meghan Markle suffered “disgusting” death threats by racist groups while He was an active member of the British royal family. Basu, Britain’s top ethnic minority police official, admitted that in his role he had to deal with … Read more

Demand for yellow fever vaccine rises

In the last week there has been an increase in the application of yellow fever vaccines, as reported by the Santo Domingo Health Center, located on Manuel de Jesús Galván street. According to the vaccination manager, Alvin Johnson, they have been receiving approximately 400 people each day, when the vaccination capacity is 80 people at … Read more

Not just fast food; baby comes fast at Atlanta McDonald’s

Yes, the baby has been nicknamed “Nugget” after a woman gave birth to a girl at a McDonald’s in Atlanta. Alandria Worthy told WXIA-TV that her labor was intensifying and that her fiancé was taking her to the hospital Wednesday morning when they stopped so she could use the bathroom at the fast food restaurant. … Read more

The 10 marriages of Dominican and foreign figures saved by therapy

Many people understand that professional therapy is unnecessary to manage their relationships, but some showbiz couples have shown us that receive psychological support can help overcome conflicts in a relationship. Giancarlo Beras and Pamela Sued They are the most recent example that you can find a second chance in love when there is a maturity … Read more

Public Health will exchange toys for a vaccine during an operation in San Juan

Santo Domingo. DR The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (Mipas) extends this Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26, the “Health Route, Change your Lifestyle”. The fourteenth version will have the province of San Juan de la Maguana as its main venue, the activities will take place starting at 8:30 in the morning … Read more

They will build a hotel in the facilities of the Las Américas airport

Santo Domingo, DR. With an investment of more than 22 million dollars, the companies Aeropuertos Dominicanos XXI (Aerodom) and VINCI Airports announced the construction of a 150-room hotel integrated into the facilities of the Las Américas International Airport, Jose Francisco Pena Gomez. According to the details of the project, it will be located on the … Read more

Manuel Chávez: the Dominican boy who gives life to Namor in “Black Panther”

Manuel Chávez is a Dominican boy who at the age of 12 conquers the big screen playing Namor (boy). in the sequel to Black Panther (“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”), a cultural and blockbuster in the world. Born in New York, son of a Dominican mother and Ecuadorian father, Manuel ventured into the world of acting … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ advice for Black Friday

The tycoon and founder of Amazon took advantage of an interview conducted by the US media CNN to urge the general population to “eliminate risks” and choose to keep their savings safe. Bezos also believes that the best option at this time is to postpone large purchases, such as a “car” or a “television screen” … Read more

A 2021 meteorite contains all the ingredients for life

Extraterrestrial water and the basic components of DNA has been found among the contents of a rare meteorite that landed in the UK last year after a journey of almost 300,000 years. The meteorito Winchcombe it was the first of its kind to be recovered in the UK when it struck the Gloucestershire town of … Read more

David Ortiz, Steph Curry and other celebrities are defendants in lawsuit against cryptocurrency company

A series of hollywood celebrities and sports, including Larry David, David Ortiz and Tom Brady, were named as defendants in a class action lawsuit against the exchange of FTX cryptocurrency, arguing that their celebrity status made them guilty of promoting the firm’s failed business model. FTX has been in the public eye for more than … Read more