An encyclopedia of cinema | Listin Diario

Alfred Hitchcok lapidately defined cinema for Truffaut as the art of creating emotions, and the filmmaker’s mission is to maintain them. For Hitchcock there was no more life to think, write and direct movies. He sacrificed everything to live in that world. Truffaut escaped from an uprooted childhood and turbulent adolescence a voyou de Pigalle, … Read more

NBA – Coaches will wear masks

Miami, EE.UU. Masks will be a requirement this season for NBA coaches. Not the sacks. The league decided to relax the dress code for coaches this season, although not as much as it did in the middle of this year in the “bubble” at Walt Disney World. Jackets, whether athletic or part of a suit, … Read more

TRIPLE TEAM – The biggest challenge for the NBA

After giving a great demonstration of organization and planning by being able to culminate the 2019-2020 season with resounding success, now for the main basketball league in the world, the NBA, what should be the greatest challenge in all its history. In the midst of an outbreak that threatens to be more deadly than the … Read more

BASKETBALL – Esmery was on the NBA women’s program

Dominican Esmery Martínez had an impressive game for West Virginia University in a victory over North Alabama (80-51). He scored 17 points and finished with 22 rebounds, completing a double-double. Martinez continues to make progress in his sophomore year playing for college. Before joining West Virginia, Martinez participated in the NBA Academy Women’s Program – … Read more

MUSIC – Virtual concerts open a gap to popular groups

The “streaming” concerts became an option to bring entertainment in the middle of the confinement. And a parachute for some artists who had long months without presentations or economic tickets. This alternative is the most viable for the festive Christmas season. Some companies, Dominican and foreign, have programmed, in this way, to bring entertainment to … Read more

LISTIN BREAKFAST – The Dominican Republic can access financing from the Green Climate Fund

Climate change has become an element that unifies all humanity on the environmental issue and this attention offers the possibility of cooperation through financing funds. The Dominican Republic is preparing, for example, to apply to the Green Climate Fund, the largest financing fund in the world created by the United Nations to finance climate change … Read more

Covid Bare Gaps in the Healthcare System – Health: Its biggest litmus test

2020 represented, without a doubt, the year when the Dominican health system underwent its greatest litmus test. The Covid-19 pandemic shouted to the wind each of its accumulated weaknesses for years, but it also went out to reduce strengths that will last, commitments, alliances, solidarity and integrity. Since the beginning of the year, the system … Read more

The Heat will give priority this year to the Dominicans

The organization of the Heat Awards announced that in solidarity with the Dominican artistic sector, so affected this year, it decided that for its fifth edition the production will be 90% local hiring, thus generating new sources of work and income for this union “that he needs it so badly right now ”. In addition, … Read more

Superintendent of Banks clarifies LD holder

The Superintendent of Banks, Alejandro Fernández, thanked Listín Diario for his invitation to participate in the most recent Breakfast organized by this medium, and took the opportunity to make a clarification on the headline of the cover, “to avoid confusion.” Fernández participated in the most recent Listín Breakfast held last Thursday 3 of this month, … Read more

Listin Breakfast – Loans for homes and vehicles activate financial system

Users of credit cards and loans in the Dominican financial system have in the Superintendency of Banks an entity willing to keep doors open, where they find answers to their questions about the cost of financing in the time established by financial intermediation entities to pay the amount of consumption at the cut, among other … Read more