Parliament lit up with LGBTQ+ colors with PSD doubts and against Chega’s will – Observer

The façade of the São Bento Palace, home of the Assembly of the Republic, lit up with the colors of the rainbow, of the LGBTQ+ flag, on the night that marks the International Day to Fight Homophobia, Transphobia and Bisphobia. The initial proposal was to raise the flag, but the PSD raised doubts “about the … Read more

An explosion in Russia – a bright flash lit up the sky

Russia announces that an aircraft-type drone has been shot down in the city of Klintsy in its Bryansk region. This was announced on Tuesday by the governor of the Bryansk region, Aleksandr Bogomaz. The Russian governor claims that the drone was launched by the Ukrainian military. “Today, in Klintsi, the air defense system of the … Read more

Volochkova in a blouse with a revealing neckline lit up with her neighbors, shaking her “appetites”

Anastasia Volochkova has been performing on stage for many years. She is a famous ballerina in Russia. More than once, the artist was a guest on various TV shows. She also found herself at the center of scandals. Not so long ago, many were surprised when the dancer, during an interview with Alena Zhigalova, appeared … Read more

Fire in The Hague in which five people were injured appears to have been lit | inland

A fire that raged in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in an apartment complex in The Hague appears to have been lit. The fire injured five people, two of them seriously after jumping from a window. The fire broke out around 3 a.m. in the complex on the Prinsegracht. The fire raged in the … Read more

De’Aaron Fox lit a beam over the arena to celebrate the Kings’ first playoff win in 17 years – Basketball

Sacramento point guard De’Aaron Fox lit a beam over the arena at the end of the game against Golden State (126:123) in honor of the team’s first playoff victory in 17 years. The Kings defeated the defending champions Warriors on home court on Saturday to open the scoring in the first-round playoff series 1-0. This … Read more

New Grandeur 9th free repair… ‘Single row’ LED lamp not lit

Hyundai Motor Company will again repair the new Grandeur (GN7) free of charge. This time, it is a defect that the straight LED lamp, the symbol of the Grandeur, does not turn on properly. On the 17th, Hyundai Motor Company sent a free repair customer notice for the new Grandeur. The target is 692 Grandeur … Read more

Hai Arpaporn lit incense sticks for numbers on the day of the lottery draw. Wishing everyone good luck (clip)

In this clip, while lighting incense, Hai Arpaporn said, “Good luck to everyone. Go back and take it yourself. If you don’t come out, don’t scold each other, the one on the leg, please come out exactly 3 numbers. You 50,05 is unlimited, it doesn’t matter, but the dealer is already waiting, mom, 50 went … Read more

Spirits lit in the tunnel: atmosphere warmed up at half-time – Benfica

Officials of the two teams exchanged arguments, under the watchful eye of League delegates It did not go unnoticed that the referee Fábio Veríssimo and his assistants waited a few minutes on the pitch, before going back to their cabins at half-time. And at the end came the confirmation: officials from the two teams exchanged … Read more

Musk will not be able to put microchips in people’s brains: the red light has been lit for human experiments

The company “Neuralink” managed by US billionaire Elon Musk recently faced suspicions from the US Department of Transportation, and now it has received another blow. A company developing brain implants is having trouble getting the necessary permits. Elon Musk’s health technology company “Neurolink” announced at the end of 2022 that it intends to test implants … Read more

The sky lit up with rockets. HIMARS hit the positions of the Russians – WP Wiadomosci

Show… Gabriel Bielecki, 8 mark 2023 09:39 share Tweet Night attack on Russian targets near Avdiivka using HIMARS. The Ukrainians from the 72nd Brigade of the Armed Forces were ordered to hit the place where the occupant’s troops were regrouping. Two American batteries allowed the entire operation to be carried out efficiently, and thus the … Read more