In the FIFA ranking, the Lithuanian national team climbed upwards: we overtook Latvia Sports

In the September ranking, Lithuania took the 137th place, but Valdas Ivanauskas’ students defeated Bulgaria 3: 1 in the last window. The 135th place was taken by the Latvian neighbors in September, but now they are 136th behind us. The Baltic neighbors are overtaken by countries such as Togo, Rwanda, the Comoros, Turkmenistan, Tanzania, Angola, … Read more

After a resounding victory – into a painful reality: Switzerland crushed Lithuania Sports

On a cool evening, the Swiss party in Vilnius started on the 31st, when Xherdan Shaqiri raised the corner, and Breelis Embolo’s head sent the ball to the goal of Ernesto Šetkus. The Lithuanians had to confuse the ball for the second time in the 42nd minute. Fabianas Schaeris sent a deep cross towards Renato … Read more

Swiss reaction to the LFF stadium floor: “Looks like synthetics by the pool” Sports

“For me, it’s like synthetics by the pool,” said Le Matin journalist Valentinas Schnorhkas, ironically. “Very synthetic, very artificial. “Sad first generation artificial coating”, agreed Daniel Visentinis from “20 Minutes”. This is where Switzerland will play against Lithuania on Tuesday night. A very synthetic, very artificial lawn. Sadness of the ersatz of the first generations. … Read more

Changes in the Lithuanian national football team – three left, one arrived Sports

Edgaras Utkus left for his club in Belgium due to an injury, he will be replaced by Ben Šatkus, who will join the main team from the boys’ U21 national team, the Lithuanian Football Federation announced. Defender Vaidas Slavickas and goalkeeper Ignas Plūkas will not be in the national team either – they left the … Read more

Valdas Ivanauskas – strict emphasis of the open-minded national team guard: “He is not a coach” | Sports

M.Vorobjov, who competes in the Romanian club Arad UTA, arrived at the first V.Ivanauskas camp in the last days of August, when Lithuania started preparing for the World Cup qualifiers with Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Italy. Throw in the water and swim for yourself as you pay. The national team’s defender remembered that he was … Read more

FIFA ranking – Lithuania ‘s decline: overtaken by Latvians, position higher – Togo Sports

For the first time since 2017, Lithuanians have been overtaken by Latvia, which is now 135th, and Togo, which is in 136th place among the Baltic neighbors. Estonia ranks 111th in the ranking. Lithuania and Latvia are overtaken by such exotic countries as Ethiopia, Comoros, Tanzania, Rwanda, Turkmenistan, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan and others. The lowest … Read more

Sharp N.Kesmin compared the football team to the clowns, and A.Novikov’s form – to the “plinth” | Sports

“We will give 110 percent. The stupidest and probably the most popular phrase on the lips of professional athletes. Lithuanian football has discovered another: it has shown us how football is played. This replica has become the mantra of the country’s national team coaches for almost all age groups. Unobtrusive note – the TV shows … Read more

V.Ivanauskas is satisfied with the game of the national team: “We are looking in a completely different direction” | Sports

V.Ivanauskas’ students lost the first three matches with a total result of 1:10, but the new national team strategist, communicating with 15min, reiterated that miracles and rapid changes he neither promised nor expected. On the contrary, in the matches with Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Italy, he saw more positives than negatives. “On our part – … Read more

LFF leaders who have shown their doors to V. Urbon already have one candidate Sports

The LFF Executive Committee (SC) decided to seize Urbon, the first to announce 15min, this information was later formally confirmed. At a later press conference, LFF President Tomas Danilevičius and Secretary General Edgaras Stankevičius presented the decision, which, according to them, was adopted unanimously by the VK. 5 victories, 4 draws and 15 defeats – … Read more