The manager of “Perlas Energijas” revealed when compensation payments will start: “We are fully prepared”

According to Viliaus Juraitis, the company will start paying compensations on October 10, after its former customers who did not choose other suppliers receive bills for the electricity consumed in September. “We will pay everyone who is entitled to compensation. If the user pays the same rate as with us, no compensation is required, if … Read more

As Putin prepares for a “historic” announcement and threatens the West, NATO reconnaissance planes focus on Kaliningrad

The US RC-135W Rivet Joint radio-electronic reconnaissance plane flies around Kaliningrad for the second day in a row, another E-8C J-STARS reconnaissance plane flies on the Polish border with Kaliningrad, which also performs the functions of coordinating the actions of a tactical command post during battles. Not to mention, the US military’s E-3 Sentry reconnaissance … Read more

Ukraine warned Belarus: if we receive attacks from its territory, they will receive an answer that they did not expect

He spoke about this in an interview with Current Time. “We understand that Putin is putting pressure on Lukashenka to launch an armed aggression against Belarus every day. We know everything. There was even a recent meeting in Sochi on this topic. But if the soldiers arrive from Belarus, as was the case on February … Read more

CIA chief: Russian military has many problems, people are only one of them

“Even if he [Vladimiras Putinas] can mobilize 300,000 troops, this does not mean that he will be able to throw people like cannon fodder to the front, many of whom will not be well trained, many of whom will not have the necessary equipment and adequate logistical support. His military has a lot of problems, … Read more

Loss of handball in the world: one of the pioneers of the sport died in Panevėžys

Our sincere condolences to the deceased’s family, relatives and the entire handball community. The urn with the remains of the deceased will be cremated in the small hall of “Grauduva” on September 29. at 3 p.m. The urn is taken out on September 30. 12 o’clock Source:

A Russian who was captured by the Ukrainians turned to his own people: “I’m asking the abominations in uniforms like mine not to come here again”

“I, Aleksej Vladimirovchis Bashkov, born in 1977, enlisted in the Soviet army at the Moscow conscription service, in 2022. September 21” – a captured newly mobilized Russian soldier speaks in a video that has gone viral on Twitter. “In what other Soviet army?” – a voice from behind the frame addresses him. “Oh, in the … Read more

Former Seimas member Gediminas Paviržis died

G. Paviržis was a member of the Seimas in 1992-1996. term. He was a road engineer by profession, but later turned to politics. 2001-2003 G. Paviržis was the head of Vilnius county, then he was elected mayor of Vilnius, but after the Constitutional Court declared that the law passed by the Seimas contradicts the Constitution, … Read more

A 21-year-old boy was fatally injured by a train in Vilnius

The young man who was on the tracks was hit by a train coming from Kaunas. The accident happened at Zuikiai street. It soon became clear that the victim was dead. The authorities discovered that a 21-year-old man had died. A large number of police forces arrived at the scene. The passengers of the train … Read more