Missing British volunteers found dead: Died near Soledar trying to rescue woman

This is according to a statement from the family of Christopher Parry, one of the volunteers, published by Sky News. According to them, the man arrived in Ukraine in March, “the darkest hour of the beginning of the Russian invasion” and saved more than 400 lives and many abandoned animals. “We never thought we’d say … Read more

In Russia, the income of propagandist Margarita Simonian was made public

A regular participant in propaganda shows and the head of the Kremlin-controlled RT TV, she receives her income from two sources – the news agency “Rossija Segodnia” and the TV network RT. According to the “Možem objesnit” telegram channel, both official earnings are actually identical and their total amount is over 3 million. rubles. During … Read more

The Russians are inventing victories to cover up their fiasco in eastern Ukraine

“It is likely that Russian forces have carried out a failed offensive operation in the Zaporizhia region in the past 72 hours. Russian forces have not made any confirmed territorial gains, despite persistent claims by one Russian official,” the institute’s latest report says. January 22 The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the units of … Read more

US companies are worried about the recession: they may cut jobs this year

This is a sign that the country’s central bank’s efforts to raise interest rates are having an effect and slowing the economy. The survey also showed that business owners are still worried that the Federal Reserve System’s (FRS) decisions could cool the economy too much and even lead to a recession this year. A January … Read more

A painful tragedy struck Jurbarkas district: the fireman who rushed to the fire died

Since the firefighter was working alone, it is not clear how long the man was lying next to the car before he was noticed by people from Šimkaitsi passing by. According to the witnesses, they tried to help the collapsed firefighter – heart massage and artificial respiration were performed, but in vain. As far as … Read more

The famous Lithuanian prose writer Kristina Gudonytė died

Kristina Gudonytė was born on December 15, 1949. in Vilnius, 1967 graduated from Vilnius 23rd High School (now Simon Daukantas Gymnasium), 1967-1969. Studied German language and literature at Vilnius University, 1973. She graduated from Vilnius Conservatory majoring in acting excellence, she has completed film directing courses in Moscow, TV production management in Bornholm, Denmark. 1973-1983 … Read more

The chairman of the Russian Duma threatens the West: the supply of weapons to Ukraine will cause a “global catastrophe”

On his Telegram channel, he warned that US and NATO support for Ukraine was allegedly leading the world to a “terrible war.” “If Washington and NATO countries supply weapons to hit civilian cities and try to seize our territories, as they threaten, it will lead to countermeasures with more powerful weapons,” he was quoted as … Read more

The “smell of gas” brought all the services to their feet: the real cause of the stench made everyone laugh

Medics, firefighters and police rushed to the scene, but despite the activated horn and beacons, drivers and pedestrians interfered on the road. It is necessary to know that in such a case it is necessary to quickly pull out of the road and create conditions for passing. “Good woman, ane? Look. Where are you? So … Read more

TV3 News. Ukraine bids farewell to helicopter crash victims; A drunk driver had an accident in Vilnius

In Vilnius, a drunk driver was handed over to the police by his car: a middle-aged man who was very drunk at night got into an accident, which was reported to the special services by the car’s automatic emergency call system. More current news from Lithuania and the world – on TV3 News or broadcast.

Cyprus defends itself as not a “safe haven for Russian assets”

The minister also noted at the press conference that Russian deposits in Cypriot banks have dropped from a staggering 40 percent. the amount of all deposits before the 2013 financial crisis to just 3.8 percent. Mr Petridis made the comments in response to a report on CBS’ 60 Minutes this week, which claimed that a … Read more