The strangest of the 160 weekend crashes: a stork knocked a motorcyclist into the trees

Due to the fault of drunk drivers – 8 percent. of all events. 46 cases (29%) of vehicle collisions with animals (one person affected). A total of 46 wildlife encounters were recorded in three days. According to preliminary data, people were injured in 29 traffic accidents. 30 people were injured (3 minors: 2 pedestrians, one … Read more

There have not been such a tragic week on Lithuanian roads for a long time: there were more than a few deaths

75 people were injured: 33 drivers (44%), 26 passengers (35%), 7 pedestrians (9%), 4 cyclists and 4 electric scooters (5% each) and one other. Among the victims – 9 minors. According to preliminary data, 4 traffic accidents occurred due to drunk drivers: 1 person was killed (pedestrian) and 4 were injured (3 drunk drivers, one … Read more