The number of drones flying illegally over Lithuanian military facilities is increasing

While representatives and experts of the national defense system do not rule out that this may be related to intensifying espionage, the army claims that it cannot confirm this assumption either. Head of the State Security Department Darius Jauniškis back in October, he told LRT radio that intelligence was receiving information about drones flying around … Read more

A storm in Lithuanian rowing – the coach who worked in Russia is not suitable | Sports

Five Lithuanian rowers decided not to be silent. Martynas Džiaugys, Dovydas Nemeravičius, Mantas Juškevičius, Dovilė Rimkutė, Povilas Stankūnas signed a public letter addressed to influential sports people in the country. Appeal to the Minister of Education, Science and Sports Jurgita Šiugždinienė,The head of the National Sports Agency, Mindaugas Špokas, the President of the National Sportsmen’s … Read more

Golden victory of Lithuanian dancers at the European Championship

In the final of the European Championship, V. and V. Lacičiai scored a total of 190.250 points out of 200 possible – this result guaranteed them a gold medal. Speaking after the tournament, the athletes did not single out a single dance as the best. “It seems to me that we danced everything very similarly … Read more

Historic moment: the first Lithuanian basketball player was inducted into the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame

Five female basketball players and four women’s basketball coaches were honored on Wednesday evening at the Patrick Baumann Basketball House in Switzerland. In addition to J.Štreimikytė-Virbickienė, Lisa Leslie (USA), Robyn Maher (Australia), Catarina Pollini (Italy), Mame Maty Mbengue (Senegal), Geno Auriemma (USA), Antonio Barbosa (Brazil), Milan Vajošević (Serbia) and Maria Planas (Spain). J.Štreimikytė-Virbickienė became only … Read more

“Black Friday” results: what did Lithuanian shoppers buy and how much did they spend? | Business

The term “Black Friday” originated in the United States of America (USA). This day is called the first Friday after Thanksgiving, during which most stores in the United States offer deep discounts, attracting a large number of shoppers. “Black Friday” is also increasingly popular in Lithuania. Although in the last few years the hunt for … Read more

Lithuanian karate kyokushin champion Evelina Bidžanova and trainer Andrius Šipaila got married: a bunch of famous people were also at the wedding

Delphi E. Bijanova said that sports brought her together with A. Šipaila. Andrius prepared her for the Lithuanian kyokushin karate championship, in which both were happy about the victory. Since then, the love story of the two began. When asked if they had to go through any relationship storms and breakups during their friendship, the … Read more

Discoveries for families in the “Lithuanian Car of the Year 2023” competition – AINA

It is not for nothing that they say that the formula for success only works once. That is why the most ambitious projects are distinguished by bold and original solutions. Also, a new car is always more attractive if it is fundamentally different from the models you have already seen. Mazda engineers openly announce that … Read more

Contender to become the Lithuanian car of the year in 2023: Volkswagen Taigo

All information about cars, commission, events Cast your vote for the NATION’S CAR here. The front-wheel-drive Taigo is popular for its trendy crossover looks, higher seating position, connectivity and unlimited customization options for everyday use. The rear of the five-seater drops down like a coupe, but does not restrict headroom for those sitting in the … Read more

“We must be prepared for the collapse of Russia.” General Hodges – about Ukraine’s path to victory and advice to the Lithuanian authorities

In Vilnius, B. Hodges participated in a conference organized for the generals of the countries of the region, where the war in Ukraine and the restructuring of NATO in response to the Russian threat were discussed. During the conference, he gave a detailed interview to the portal 15minwhere he presented his assessment of the further … Read more

G. Melrose, a Lithuanian who became a star abroad: about luxury cars and her husband’s betrayal | Names

Social media star Gabriella Melrose, who has lived in England for nine years, is an extremely bright, brave and curious person. Although the woman is only 29 years old, she has already managed to do as much as others cannot do in their entire life. Starting with simpler jobs, she later tried her hand at … Read more