Di Ying’s Lolita is too scheming and “not allowed to enter Sun’s house” Xiao S laughs: Is it delusional | Entertainment | CTWANT

Veteran entertainer Di Yinghe has a straightforward personality and has always been straightforward. She actually named Lolita as the king of scheming on the show, and even said, “Don’t enter my grandson’s house.” This made the host Xiao S laugh at the side, ” Not everyone wants to enter Sun’s house, you are delusional, don’t … Read more

Little S broke down in the early morning and shouted in pain, “This kind of person can’t understand it.” She was speechless when she was answered with one sentence | Entertainment | CTWANT

Little S suffers from insomnia. (Photo / Reposted from Facebook / Xiao S Xu Xidi) Xiao S has a sharp hosting style and is deeply loved by audiences of different ages. And she usually interacts with everyone on social networking sites, and her style is quite close to the people. She broke down in the … Read more

Little S God predicted that the male star would disappear from the showbiz for 10 years, and he asked for a face-to-face apology on the show | Entertainment | CTWANT

“King Xing Hall Boys”, this group formed by Zhao Zhengping, Liang Hequn and Lin Zhixian was once a smash hit, but Lin Zhixian gradually faded out of the showbiz circle, starting a business and becoming a boss, rarely showing his face in front of the screen. He recently participated in the small S (Xu Xidi) … Read more

He once predicted that Xiao S would be “a lonely old man for life” Xu Xiaoshun made a suggestion to let her reveal the truth | Entertainment | CTWANT

Veteran artist Xu Xiaoshun’s witty and funny hosting style is very popular among the audience, and Xu Xiaoshun also has another nickname “Xu Banxian” in the entertainment industry. “Lifetime” scared little S, now that little S has been married for many years and has 3 daughters, let little S tease Xu Xiaoshun “break again”! Unexpectedly, … Read more

Being ridiculed for “jumping up and down in her sister’s marriage”, Xiao S politely presented “3 words” to show her demeanor and make the sour people shut up | Entertainment | CTWANT

After Wang Xiaofei and Big S divorced last year, recently due to the payment of living expenses, the two sides fought across the air. Zhang Lan, who was eager to protect Wang Xiaofei’s son, also joined the battle. The mother and son jointly attacked S’s house. Except for the “new brother-in-law” Gu Junye followed , … Read more

Little S fell on a bicycle and “sprayed 4 teeth”. Mom thought something was wrong: Do you want to talk to Xu Yajun | Entertainment | CTWANT

Be safe while biking! Recently, the host Xiao S said on the show that she once fell on a bicycle in the park and sprayed 4 teeth. When her mother knew about it, she asked Xiao S if she had been domestically abused and if she should talk to Xu Yajun. Xiao S recently said … Read more